Sheltered accommodation

Does anyone here have experience of the sort of supported accommodation that provides care beyond warden facilities? I am thinking of retirement villages , often attached to nursing homes where people live in their own flats but have access to communal facilities such as restaurants and gyms and can draw on personal care as necessary?

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Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum. I am sure many people will share their experiences, in the meantime you could contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303 who can put you in touch with yourlocal adviser for some local information about such places.

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Hi Concerned2 I can only speak from my own experience. After my dad passed away, mum wanted to come and live near us. We managed to get her into a flat at a place called “Hopkins Court” she did not buy it, it was a council flat. It was perfect after we made a few changes eg shower, decorated. There were 2 blocks and only 2 stores high, Each moring the warden would knock on the door to make sure she was ok (there was also a pull cord if needed) there was a large comunial room where each night the warden put some thing on like bingo cards games ect. You could choose to go or stay in your flat, there was also a garden which you could sit in. In summer bus trips were put on again only if you wanted to go. Then at Christmas the local pub for lunch, this is just a little of what goes on. Another is when I found I had PD 2010 we sold our house and came to live in an Anchor sheltered bungalow but we don’t have as above, as we are classed as independent living, we do have a warden who we can call if needed, she also pays a visit once a week. We also have Anchor call which is a pull cord if needed. I am not sure where you live Concered 2 but Anchor have gone in with Hannover and they have all kinds of property all over England they have just built a new retirement village in West Bridgford Nottm. Worth a look at there home page. If I can help any more just ask. ps they also have nursing homes.