Shiatsu massage

Hi everyone, 

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Shiatsu massage and PD? I've been learning a bit about Shiatsu and it seems worth a try but trying to convince my other half of this is proving tricky! His biggest problems are pain related to his tremors and stiffness.

Any advice would be great, thanks x 

I go for a Swedish back massage every week, which is very relaxing and eases my tension. Haven't tried the Shiatsu type though. I'd say go for it, if you can persuade your OH to try it.


I used to have regular shiatsu massages years ago (way before PD), and I loved it - it's very energising. Unfortunately it's difficult to find a practitioner now, otherwise I would definitely have more.

I say go for it, it can't do you any harm!

Swedish massage is wonderful but very different. I did the ITEC course in it many years ago so practised it for a while. It's great for improving circulation, relaxing muscles and getting rid of toxins.

Had a strange reaction to my last Swedish massage on Thursday morning. Came home and later in the afternoon, just burst into tears! Cried for about an hour and then was OK. I didn't realise that it could release all the pent up emotions in your body. And I've got plenty of those at the moment!! I suppose they're better out than in. I'll mention it to the masseur when I go next week though.


Massage has many benefits!

Did your masseur use essential oils? Some of them can be quite stimulating and/or releasing.

I once cried when someone gave me a neck massage to try and relieve a terrible headache. It helped the headache!

No, she used Grapeseed oil.

Then it must have been the massage releasing the tension.

Massage is also good for clearing out toxins that build up in muscle tissue, so perhaps you were detoxing - which can also make you emotional.

Sounds like you have a good massage therapist!