Shift work and medication

hi ive recently returned to work doing 12hr shifts  mainly nights 

im on sinemet 125 three times a day but finding it wears off too qiickly when working , fine when at home .also next day is difficult as tired, ive had 4 weeks of gradually incresing hrs to full time

any advice how to manage meds? seeing nurse next week .

cant drop hrs as only me paying mortgage 

any advice / thoughts on how others manage working would be appreciated

Hello Kittens 3

Happy new year to you.  I don`t know about shift work but I wonder if you are taking your meds in the day and then working at night.  If you are perhaps you could ask about taking them at night since that is really your `day`.  Or Sinamet CR might be the answer, it`s a controlled release version.

Hope you get some good answers as your life sounds really difficult at the moment.



Hi Kittens3

I've only recenlty added a levodopa to my mix - and I was amazed at the improvement it made. As I understand it, 125mg * three a day is a fairly tiddly dose especially if you're doing a 12-hour shift. I would deffo ask your nurse about adding a fourth on your shift days - hre's no point in suffering. (And, as hn says, make sure you take them when they're useful to *you*.)

Good luck with that.


Hi Kittens 3,

agree that you need to take your meds whilst you are working and not when you are sleeping!

10 years on DAs ruined our lives but we were rescued by a new neuro who put him on Sinemet, initially 3 doses a day but long spells of off time began....

My husband's neuro is a firm believer in little and often to overcome the wearing off phase.

He encouraged my husband to move his tablets nearer and nearer together until he was on all the time and then reduce the dose a little at a time until it began to be ineffective.

After a lot of faffing about and use of a pill cutter he arrived ai one and a half 62.5 Sinemet every 2 hours, about 8 doses a day.

3 years on and touch wood still going strong!

Worth a conversation with your neuro?

He uses a dispersible Madopar as a rescue tablet if he is eating a large meal when out with friends or is stuck in a crowd.

He tried the CR version but found it didn't work for him.

It's all trial and error and different solutions for everyone with this drafted PD!

Keep your chin up and keep trying to find your own best regime.





Thanks everyone for comments . Find the days harder than the nights so will def ask about adding in another dose . The night shift I missed the mid day dose and took it middle of night and that seemed ok .

problem having is when tired meds don't seem to work . Happened today ... Walking a real problem today , good job not at work today. 

hi everyone I've now been back at work 2 months and its getting better . tremor has reduced to point people comment on lack of it ! problem still with managing meds when on night shift , drs increased requip xl but haven't found any difference . anyone know how long it takes to see effect of increase? walking still major issue when meds not working although can walk long distances and steps ,its the little distances that are problem . tend to limp and drag foot till get going still experimenting with timing of tablets on night shift to get best effect

Hi kittens 3 . So pleased to hear you are feeling better . I'm like you I tend to limo and drag right foot on short distances until I get going and then walking gets better .steps are fine  . Hope you get the timing of tabs sorted out to get best effect . Must be hard working nights . It's a long shift . I worked permanent nights for six years once . It's a strange sort of tiredness too isn't it ? Bit like jet lag . Best wishes . 

have you applied for pip ,you can still work and get pip !

Hi gus

I haven't applied as asked physio advice re mobility and told that will get back to full mobility with meds it will just take bit of time . Managing everything else ok at mo


Do you have real bad day's. if so your entitled just as much as everyone. ask pd support worker

you really should think about it ,i was working full time for six yrs you begin to use up medication more when working ! then your want more meds ,then dyskinesia will come as a side affect to much medication,your ill you have to make some changes ,and it gets easier if money troubles are helped by pip ,go part time less stressful do you see where im coming from ! ask pd support worker.kitten

my problem is im by myself having had to restart mortgage when divorce happened . need to work at mo to keep house, not ready to sell and down size at mo . but am aware will need to adjust..... will take each month / year as it comes and see how long can keep going . if cant manage work will drop hours abit .

ok just take it easier ,gus


Gus is right it not about the fact you have PD it's about the way the condition effects you.

You are entitled to pip because you have a chronic neurological condition and working the type of shifts you do will only effect you badly in the long run.And the money you receive is to spend how you see fit be it your mortgage or house modifications to help with your condition.

Check out the details on


Kindest Regards Stay well BB.

wise words from a wise Lady we can only but try

thanx buddy x