Shingles vaccination

My husband, who has PD, has just been offered a shingles vaccination. Does anyone know if this is compatible with PD meds? He is currently on Madopar, Requip XL and Propanolol. I shall of course check with the pharmacist, but just wondered if anyone had experienced any adverse effects?

It shouldnt be a problem. you DONT want to get shingles, believe me. it may be a co-incidence but my pd got much worse after an attack of shingles.

Thanks for replying turnip. 

I'd waited so long for a response on this that my husband went ahead and had the vaccination anyway, with, thankfully, no ill effects.

My GP was keen for me to have the shingles vaccine, so I had it. I was fine, although not great for a few days, but all vaccines affect me in some way.Still better than having shingles.