Shingles vaccine

I have just been offered the shingles vaccine next week. Although I don’t normally react badly to vaccinations covid boosters have been okay but from sore arm for a couple of days, I have held of people reacting badly to the shingles vaccinew who were otherwise healthy. I would be grateful for advice on whether to go ahead with this vaccination as I am stage 2/3 of Parkinson’s and am apprehensive about any side-effects due to this and feel bad enough already everyday.
Any Parkinson’s sufferers experience of this vaccine would be welcome

Hello Grober, my husband has had PD for over 6 years. When he reached 70 last September I arranged for him to have the shingles jab as I’d had mine the year before. If it’s any reassurance he had no side effects whatsoever and I can’t recall any myself. Shingles is a nasty and very painful condition so I thought it was better to be protected against it. Of course if you have worries about it you must make up your own mind. To this end why not just consult your PD nurse for advice. Good luck! Jean

Thank you JEAN I have decided to have the jab after reading a bit more about it on here and elsewhere.

I’m sure you will be fine. Good luck.


Although everyone experiences vaccines and their side effects differently, the Shingles vaccines is quite safe for people with Parkinson’s.

As I am sure you have already read, many of our Forum members have had their jab and suffered no worse than a sore arm! Interestingly enough, shingles itself tends to cause far more complications and negative side effects for those with Parkinson’s, and can heavily impact the effectiveness of Parkinson’s medication.

I’m glad that you have decided to go ahead with the vaccine, but if you ever have doubts or concerns about such things please do remember that our advisers on the Helpline (0808 800 0303) can talk you through these kinds of decisions and provide you with the information and resources needed for you to make a choice that you can truly be comfortable with.

Thanks @Jean1 for sharing with @GROBER!

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