Shivering from the cold

Anyone else experience increased shivering when cold, my PD is on my left side and when I shiver its much more worse on that side or is it just me?

Hi Richard. The same happens with me too. If I'm cold and shivery my left side tremors more and my hand can start flapping. You're not alone. Nici
I've resorted to extra layers of clothing to keep warm and that works. I was at a football game and my core/trunk of my body was shivering massively. I thought everyone was the same but my Dad who was next to me said although it was cold, he wasn't shivering. I was rattling and could not keep warm. It must be something to do with the PD is all I can say.
Most of the time my shakes are not noticed by strangers but when cold I shake big time. I wear so many cloths and double gloves. and now wear a head scarf but it works for me
hi richard

i cannot stand the cold weather i dont have a tremor until i feel the cold i shiver so much that my teeth chater and my hand shakes its not very nice but to top it all i now have raynaurds disease which is my circulation my fingers and toes turn white but hopefully the weather is warming up so it should improve. sue.
I too am feeling the cold more and have noticed that my legs tremble quite significantly. Its my hands and feet that are the coldest! I can wear extra socks and still have cold feet!