Shocked at the censorship on this Forum!

Hi, SGiles,

I was rather surprised to read that you have " locked" a topic I initiated ( Parkinson's and General Anaesthesia), just because the thread had gone off the discussion and it became light-hearted!

I can assure you that us Parkies can do with as much humour as we can get, hence I am sorry to say that you were wrong to do such a thing.

I had not realised there was such censorship on this Forum anyway, or at least I have not noticed it anywhere else, where the topic has been allowed to degenerate. And why not?

I thought this was the place where we could vent our frustrations caused by our predicament, without worrying whether we are doing so in the right section of the Forum or not.

I just can't believe we have been reprimanded for daring to go off the topic and we have been told to write comments only in the right section.

I wonder whether others find this incredible or am I alone in thinking in this way. I just know that my incredulity is exacerbating my tremor at this moment !



              I agree with both points of view,I suppose I did drift off course slightly but I was trying to make the point that there are many kinds of anaesthetic and I am also of the opinion that my love of single malts contributed to my PD, Indeed any form of uptake which causes the brain to malfunction  shutdown must be suspect, thats what I was trying to get across, and feel as if I have been reprimanded, perhaps I aimed at the wrong department, but in this case I am sure self censorship would have brought the topic back on track as I am sure I would have received many rebukes from my peers on this Forum, I was trying to lighten the subject, if I have offended or upset anyone, I apologise. 

                                     Regards to all              Fed

Hi, Fed,

You have done absolutely nothing wrong, so you don't need to apologize for anything. On the contrary, your contributions are always witty, knowledgeable and most welcome by other members, including me.

It is absurd that we should watch what we write and where !!! This takes all the spontaneity out of the whole idea of what a Forum is for ! Surely the only problem would arise if anyone  used obscenities or was disrespectful, but as long as this is not the case, than anything should go anywhere we like !

Why, does S Giles think that the Forum will look untidy if discussions don't happen where they are meant to be, hence her utterly inappropriate intervention??

In my opinion there should be no interference and certainly no posts should be blocked because there has been some digression from the original topic. Unbelievable !!!!!


Morning all

My, we were quite surprised by this reaction. 

Fedex: redpoppy is right. No one has done anything wrong and there's no need for you to apologise. 

Just to explain - yesterday a forum member reported the thread as having gone off topic. We took a look and saw that indeed it had moved from anaesthesia to a range of other topics. So, we decided to close it, letting all know that they were free to open another topic (as you've done) and continue the conversation. But let's discuss this. 

It is true that often on this forum, members self-moderate and move the conversation elsewhere when it has gone off topic, which is brilliant.

We totally agree that lightheartedness should be encouraged. And we really don't want to upset people, kill spontaneity, breach fundamental rights and exacerbate tremor. 

But it's worth noting something about this guideline: This was put in place to help people coming to the forum for information. Consider, for example, if you were visiting the forum as a carer whose partner with Parkinson's was going into surgery. This carer is coming to the forum with worries about the impact of anaesthesia on his condition. Would it be helpful to you if you found conversation on everything else but anaesthesia? As a moderator, how would you have responded if that person then called your attention to this fact?

It would be great to hear your thoughts on this.


I agree Ezinda.

No one is censoring the content of these posts but ensuring new visitors find the info quickly that they are seeking.

The lighthearted posts are welcome, but need to be in a thread reflecting their content.

When I first visited the forum , in a suicidal state, I immediately found posts which gave me, for the first time, info about patients' experience of DAs and OCDs.

This was immediately followed by wonderful posts of support.

If I had typed Obsessive and Compulsive disorders and found jokey posts about other things I would have slunk away to do I know not what.

Your actions are helpful and just misinterpreted.

Keep posting, Fed et al, but under a thread that  is clearly appropriate.

We are all in this together and want the best for our forum!

Ezinda and her colleagues help us to achieve that.




It is beyond me that there are people who have nothing better to do than report when a couple of posts go off the thread of the original discussion!

Surely this Forum was set up for many more reasons than just gaining information, which can be easily  acquired in other areas of this website.




         First I would like to say in the battle against PD I  would certainly want redpoppy onside, her words are correct and  true to the reason this Forum exists, and I know also that in my efforts to make serious subjects raise a smile instead of compounding sadness and worry I go off topic at times, but thats the way my mind works, I would never set out to lessen or make fun out of any individuals distress , I will give more thought to my posts in future especially with regard to their destination as I see both points of view clearly.

                                                            Regards to all         FED

Hello redpoppy and Golden Girl, thank you for your support in this something and nothing situation , yesterday was difficult for me parky was giving me a good kicking and I really did not feel well until evening time, and gradually as I begin to pick up and my brain claws itself out of parky hell, most times I am straight  on to  the Forum I feel alive and want to share that feeling with you all, I know it might sound a bit sad, but that is not the case , if we all lived in the same street I would be in and out visiting everyone I am so glad that I have returned to normality, I suppose I do behave in a silly way at times but thats how I deal with the horrors that is BLACKHEART, a pitiless monster ,its my way of showing the beast I can still get my head up and fight.

                                     Kindest  Regards Fed













Thank you, Gus, for your usual support. You always cheer me up.

Fed, I always read you with great interest, as I find you quite a character, who is always ready to support and advise others in need.  Thank you.

i love Fed's posts (and most of everyone's) and I wouldn't have him worried for the world. And I'm with GoldenGirl: I do get a bit irritated when I click on new posts in a thread only to find they have nothing to do with the original subject; and I can see that for those who are specially seeking out comfort and support on a topic, as GG was, from fellow-PwP then off-topic posts are more than just irritating.

But I was surprised to see the topic locked off without any kind of warning - maybe that's what's helped provoke a reaction? I seem to recall that a couple of months ago when a similar topic-drift occurred there was a gentle hint? And Dollymaz (I think) took herself off to a new thread on the same topic which is now one of the strongest and most active threads on the site.

So might it be possible to give GG and me what we want and think others do - threads that bear some relation to their title - and redpoppy and others what they want - that their threads should be allowed to develop where they might - by a) a gentle hint that a thread is going off topic, b) supporting the off-topic posters to move to a new thread, which should avoid c) having to lock off a topic with allthat implies.

Hope that helps

Best wishes to all


I think you're right Semele: From here on out, we may give you all a little pointer when something has gone off topic. If you're reading a topic and this has happened, continue to let us know. But no more abrupt shutting off. Mea culpa for this. 

Thanks everyone.

Have a nice weekend. 

Semele, wise words as usual. Thank you.

Ezinda, thank you for the promise that there will no more "abrupt shutting off".

Regards to everyone

Laughter is the best medicine but best posted in Creative Corner or Social Club.

Morning all

                Christo you are correct, I will try to adhere to the rules and regs as I most certainly do not want to rock the boat again. if anything this upheval was my fault, but if you look at the time it was posted,?? belay that I think it was removed,anyway it was very early ,i often sit down here until first light posting this and that, keeping my friends updated and wellcoming newbies , I do this for two reasons one is the Ddpa is working well and I am alive instead of near death, in other words I am raring to go and I want you all to know, those who agree with my comments and posts, and those who cannot stand the way I behave, deliberately thinking out of the box, I think no I know you are the best friends a man can ever have, and that includes the lovely Ezinda and al  l the staff of peerless individuals who keep our forum,and I am not trying to gain any benefit from those last words its just so good to know that apart from my dear wife, my friends on this meeting place, is most definately    VORSPRUNG DORCH TECKNIK.   Have a great day and I hope you all win the Lottery.                 a                                                        Kindest Regards  Fedcoolcoolmy bros got his own raybans


We always love to hear from you, Fed. Do keep posting.

A hug.


  Your so laid back Gus I like that, nothing seems to phase you, I like that also

             May you live long and prosper   Fedbig grin


   Having read all the responses to  the removal of the GA topic I could not help but see all of the brilliant folks coming together as a team, yes there was disagreement and legitimate argument, but all were aimed at protecting or improving and of course understanding why we communicate with each  other on this Forum, there were no winners or losers only a better understanding, and I like that, I learned from it and any learning  of any kind can only improve and refine , sharpen up if you like , so thank you all your views and wisdom will stay with me .

                                  Kindest Regards       Fed

wise words fed !  keep cool