I have Been looking after A lovely gent for 11 years now.
Till a few weeks ago he had a stroke.
and he doing well, today we had a progress meeting and he is ding well.
In the meeting, today found out that he has Parkinson’s.
I knocked me for six I know they’re a good team in place for when he comes.
Which will not be for some time.

Hello Rachels, and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your friend - it can be a shock when someone is first diagnosed.We have some information, including for family, friends and carers, about being newly diagnosed on our website:

best wishes, Lucy, moderation team.

Hello Rachels
Sorry it’s taken a bit of time to reply and do hope you are ok. You’re not alone in being shocked at a diagnosis and when you’ve worked with someone a long time as you have and got to know them well, I think your reaction entirely understandable. Will you continue working with him yourself when he does come home or has it changed everything? How is he doing now? How are you? Please do let us know we would like to offer what support we can. Take care.