Last weekend i had a accident i was driving along a dual carriageway when  a car pulled out of a central refuge and hit my car side on

But today i was taken aback when i received a phone call supposedly from someone at motability  asking for feedback about how they had dealt with the claim process and then they said the other party had admitted liability for the accident and then proceded to try to get me to log a personal injury claim

I had my suspicions at this point  so i called up Motabilty to ask about the call and they knew nothing about it and the call had not come from them

The shocking thing was that whoever called me knew everything about me , the date and time of the accident , my car registration , that the insurance company were collecting my car for repair and who was providing me with a courtesy car , my mobile number everything



            Known as Ambulance chasers,they know youve had a shunt 20 mins before you know,must use some sort of time travel, we got so fed up with supposed solicitors telling us we could claim millions? from a Bus company, when one of their vehicles rear ended us,all they could say was whiplash can return to  cause pain years later and in fact encouraged us to lie,no wonder our insurance is going up, I trust no one on the phone Shel, I hope you are ok now.

                                     Kindest Regards FED

Yes i am fine Fed no one was injured thankfully ,it was shocking that they knew more than i did and knew a lot of personal information god knows where they got it from