Short PIP survey ahead of Ministerial meeting tomorrow!

Hi all,

We're off to meet the Minister for Disabled People tomorrow, to talk to him about the impact of PIP on people with Parkinson's and what he can do to address them.

In order to help us give him a good picture of how PIP isn't working for people with Parkinson's, it would be really helpful if anyone with experience of applying for PIP could complete this very short survey and let us know how you found it!

The link is here

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There's also one for ESA which i filled in as i am on esa, i'd like too apply for pip at a later date for a blue badge.


What does PUK  Have too say about this then Phil ??

Hi Sea Angler,

I've passed this along to Phil, he will get back to you soon.

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Phil is out at meetings today so i hope you don't mind hearing from me instead.

Sorry that the above link didn't work. This is a fixed link to our e-action. We are still very interested to hear about your experiences to share with the minister.

Sea Angler thanks for your post above. We are very concerned about the proposed £12 billion cut to welfare and how these will be implemented such as the suggestion in that BBC story. We are organising a protest on 8th July on budget day, when the cuts will be announced, opposite parliament with other charities. We will be doing a range of actions to protect people with Parkinson's from these cuts and gathering information on how everyone is finding PIP and ESA is a vital part of this

If you're interested in joining the protest just email [email protected]



I  filled in the short survey from the face book page concerning ESA.

I have also messaged my Mp,  though her voting history is for  "further cuts too benefits without investigation on the impact of them", during the election i asked her several times about cuts too benefits just like all the media did and just like all the answers the Torys gave they were evasive. 

I know there is/was a meeting with the ''Disabled minister" today, i expect he will be equally evasive, I am afraid though i wont be able too make it too London, i am too ill too travel that far,beyond that i am now caring for my father who has just been released from hospital following a stroke.

This country of our's if you can call it ours anymore is  becoming much akin too 1930's Germany, the torys are obsessed with punishing the sick disabled and poor of this country much like the nazi's persecuted the disabled of that country, what really is next?, euthanasia as they did?.

If there is a petition i'll sign it.


Hi Sea Angler,

Thanks for this. Yes, we met with the Minister for Disabled People on Thursday. It was a positive meeting, we told him that we're concerned that DWP guidance isn't being followed, as people with Parkinson's should be getting paper-based reviews for PIP assessments, as long as there's good evidence. He's offered to contact the assessment providers and local DWP staff to make this clear.

We're also going to be gathering more information on the picture of PIP as it relates to Parkinson's, as he's asked for a follow-up meeting later in the year.

This sounds very promising ! good work phil & pduk


Thanks for your efforts Phil.