Shortage of madopar

Hi I’m new to this. I’ve been told by the chemist that they can’t get me my madopar because of a shortage.
Is this true?

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Hi AllisonEloise,

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We have recently added some information and advice about Madopar supplies to our website here:
We hope this helps with your questions.

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Thank you so much for your reply. My husband phoned the pharmacy (Boots in West Byfleet 01932 343965) and they said they are phoning the suppliers every day but have not succeeded in getting more madopar so far.
What do you suggest? Shall I wait until Christmas is over, I’ve got just enough to last me.
Thank you

Hi @AllisonEloise,

If your pharmacy can’t get the presentation of Madopar that you need from their supplier they should call Roche Customer Care on 0800 731 5711 to check on stock availability for emergency supply. Alternatively, you could get your GP to change your prescription to an available presentation well before you run out, just to make sure you have enough medication to last you over the Christmas period and beyond.

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I know exactly what you mean, we put my wife’s prescription in early and it is a constant battle I am down the pharmacy daily. I do not know whether it is a shortage or just inefficiency. God help us this year.