Shortage of Medication

Twice in the last six months I have had difficulty in obtaining Mirapexin 1.57.
This week has been a worry due to my Pharmacists inability to get supplies in. She says she has no problem with the higher doses (but I do!!).
Thankfully with one day to go she has phoned me and said it will be in stock tomorrow. They have had my prescription for 10 days and it concerns me that if I had left it until this week they may not have been able to get it before I had run out.
It makes a bit of a mockery of "The get it in time" campaign.

My advice to low dose Mirapexin users is order it in plenty of time particularly if you have a holiday pending!
Here Here Bogman. Last time it took 2 weeks to get my Mirapexin in (.52 mg)
Thank you for reminding me, Bogman. I will be out of the country for five days from next Thursday. I’ve just done a count-up and find I will have only 3 tablets left when I get back. I will order them tomorrow so that I can collect my next batch before I go – or at least have them ready for when I return.

I’ve only just been able to persuade the surgery to let me have two months’ supply instead of 28 days. I felt I was never away from the chemists before.
I haven't experienced any difficulty in getting my pills but there is always the first time! You have reminded me to make sure that I take plenty on holiday - not just a few - after folk got stuck abroad because of the volcano ash - it made me realise how easy it would be to get into problems with meds running out.

I can only get a months supply at a time.

Breeze, I mentioned to my neuro at the last visit that a 28-day supply was very inconvenient as I am out of the country fairly often. He contacted my GP and the supply was increased straight away.
Thanks Lily - I will ask next time I see my consultant.

Do not worry - simply go to a&e - any hospital . Wait for meds to drop off then say I am completely out of whatever but working in area for 6 months . See how many you can get . This raises awareness and highlights the drug companies price fixing cartel and the useless response by pduk (there hands are tied as they are not impartial - to closely linked with drug companies ) for my liking in my humble opinion .(contravertial )
In France the chemists are obliged to provide all your medication within 48 hours. On occasion they have told me there is a shortage of Madopar but they give me an initial supply that day and the rest within 48 hours.
Sorry if thats not very helpful information, just thought I would mention it.
my local chemist always seemed to struggle getting mirapexin when i went to full dose 3.15mg they refused to supply it i believe its £600 per pack i went to a pharmacy 500yds away they are only to happy they even keep a supply in
It's always worth shopping around the different pharmacies. Some are more efficient than others. The small, independent ones are often more on the ball.
I went into the chemist last week to tell them I was putting a request in for 2 months only to see a sign stating there is a world wide shortage of certain drugs. Then the Doctor's receptionist said the Azilect couldn't be put on repeat as it was a "noted" drug. I asked her what she meant and she said I had to see Doctor each time I needed it! I pointed out that it was agreed by a Neuro Consultant and I need to take one daily. She reluctantly said she would have word with doc. Tomorrow I am hoping to pick up my prescription and collect drugs - watch this space.....
As if life wasn't hard enough with PD, we have to put up with all this nonsense about medication.

If you need it, you need it, no if's or but's. why make it so hard for us to get them?

Not fair :imp:
My pharmacist told me when I was down to my last two days supply of Sinamet that I had better contact my Specialist and find an alternative drug. Can you believe it!

Luckily supplies were obtained.

I think she is good at counting pills but as the Pharmacy is part of the Practice you would have thought she would have chatted to a GP.

Saga continues - no Azilect! Im down to my last 3 pills - hopefully the drug will be in tomorrow but what if it isn't ? This highlights how dependent I am on the drugs. Scares stuff.