Shortage of meds

Is this a local difficulty or are there wider pronlems?

My excellent local village pharmacist has always been able to find my meds in previous shortages, but he has been unable to acquire selegiline, and requip.

Anyone else had this problem, or is it a local blip?

Hi wrinklygran,

We've contacted Orion who have confirmed that there should be no supply issues with selegiline. It should be available.

However, they are switching over from blister packs to bottles of 100 tablets. This could be causing confusion between your pharmacist and their suppliers. It might be worth passing this information on to your pharmacist and asking them to check on this.

As far as the helpline team are aware, there haven’t been any issues with Requip.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions about this, you can call the helpline at 0808 800 0303.

Thanks for the reassurance, regards, Wrinklygran

Hi wrinklygran

An update on this issue - we've been in touch with Orion again. Unfortunately they've now told that there is a shortage of selegiline after all, specifically in tablet form of Eldepryl (the liquid form of Eldepryl is not affected).

They tell us that stocks should be available again at the end of September. If you're affected by this, you should discuss it with your GP or neurologist so you can find an alternative treatment during this time.

Or, as always, you can phone our helpline 0808 800 0303.

We've posted a news story about this on our website today - see

Best wishes

Well, its now October and in this neck of the woods (East Midlands) I cannot get selegiline.
I have noticed that recently my supply was not the generic version but the generic being still being manufactured..I have been wondering a bit about that.
I was on the phone to my pharmasist this morning and there seems to be a further delay.
I suppose I will have to get something else..but it does not seem to be available in the liquid form either.