Shortness of breath & tight chest

Has anyone experienced shortness of breath and tightness of chest as a wearing off sympton of Parkinson’s?

Hi Leicor,

I’m sure members oof the forum will reply with any advice or experience they have on this issue, but I also wanted to pop in to ask if you have spoken with your GP or specialist about the breathing problems you are having? They would be best placed to be able to advise you on this.

We do also have some information on lung health that might interest you, on our page here:

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Hi, both my neurologist and specialist nurse dismissed that PD cause breathing difficulties. My GP requested several tests and all results but 1(spirometry was borderline) were unremarkable. Because of the discomfort and sometimes scary moments from the shortness of breath and tightness of chest, I was prescribed Blartus inhaler once a day. He also referred me to the respiratory team and sadly, the waiting time is 15 weeks!! Aside from this, I’m currently experiencing wearing off symptoms and trialling Rasagiline 1mg as adjunct to Sinemet plus for 1 month as suggested by my neurologist. Although the breathing problem seems to be easing off once the Sinemet kicks in (30-45 minutes), I can’t say for sure if it is due to both the inhaler and Rasagiline. Btw, I am 72, was diagnosed with PD 5yrs ago and everything was kept reasonably under control with Sinemet plus 125mg 4 times a day.