Shortness of Breath

I get short of breath practically every time I get up and walk somewhere. When I ride an exercise bike I am breathing hard the whole time, although I can do it for 30 minutes and it is about the same at the end as in the beginning of the ride. I do have another problem (Addison’s Syndrome) but have had it since 1991 and this problem has just come up this year. My motion disorder doc says that Parkinson’s can cause fatigue, but this constant shortness of breath (except when I am sitting quietly) is really not good.

Is anyone else having a major impact from this?
If so, does more exercise help? Any other ways to alleviate it?
Al S.

I do have shortness of breath but I know it’s caused by 60 plus years of Asthma and 15 years of heart problems.

I suggest that you get a ‘stress test’ which will monitor your heart while doing exercise and find out what the problem is.
Do this before embarking on any more exercise. Then you will know how had you can safely push yourself.
It is likely that a targeted exercise program will help but you need to be assessed first.


Thanks, Jim.

Hi. This is an older topic. Just wanted to say that I
have shortness of breath.
It is a symptom of the non motor disorders of Parkinson’s: anxiety.
Breathing exercise helps.