Should have gone to Specsavers

Two weeks ago I had my first ever fall. Nothing hurt but my pride. I stooped down to go under a low branch in a wooded area & my legs stopped working & I fell head first into this large bush. As well as Atypical Parkinson’s & Neuropathy I have a couple of weak areas on my spine [showed up on a previous Mri scan]. It was probably that, no harm done. The following day I was back to normal. I did email my Parkinson’s Nurse who said I should tell my GP, which I did. I actually got a face to face with a GP & a pretty full examination. He said there was nothing he could do & suggested I take Paracetamol along with the 13 other pills I take every day.

I do worry about all the pills I take. I feel so tired all the time & getting out of bed in the morning is a real struggle. My legs always feel very heavy & I don’t walk anywhere for pleasure. I only walk if I have to.

Latest bit of fun news is that my eyes aren’t great. I have a computer touch screen & I have to blow everything up to as large as it will go to see it. My reading glasses [£1 a pair from Poundland] that were very good now don’t work & when I go indoor bowling I can’t really see where the bowls are positioned [only 35 yards away]. It is sort of hazy & I can’t make out what colours the bowls are.

People with Parkinson’s often experience problems with their eyes and eyesight as a result. But eye problems may also be unrelated to your Parkinson’s. If you’re experiencing problems with your eyes, you should speak to your GP, Parkinson’s nurse or specialist. They can make a referral to an eye specialist if needed.28 Feb 2020

So I went online a booked an appointment with Specsavers. Got an appointment for the next day & I paid an extra £5 & got all the tests done. I was very impressed with them, all very modern & Hi Tec. I have very early stage cataracts but otherwise my eyes are healthy, no Parkinson’s issues. I have now ordered 2 pairs or prescription
glasses. One normal & one reading cost £15 each.

Best wishes

Sorry to read you have had a fall Hope you have recovered now.

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Thanks Marg1 … Of course the frustration I have is not knowing what causes my mobility difficulties. I accept that the Sinemet I take helps the Parkinson’s side of things & the Amitriptyline helps my Neuropathy. Is my real problem arthritis in my knees & spine ? If someone could just tell me that nothing could be done then I’d just get on with life & accept that this is how I am. It is the hope that kills you. I do have an appointment with a Neurologist somewhere in the pipeline. I was told hopefully early 2025.

I’ve just had a phone call arranging another appointment with the Neurological Department at the local Conquest Hospital. But I have just completed a 6 week course with them & I still have these issues. there were exercises I did that brought on the gait freezing I “enjoy”.

I know exercise is good for us but I feel in my case that activity upsets my knees & back.

Best wishes