Should med volume depend on weight

My husband’s dyskinesia was deemed due to over medication since October. The over medication/dyskinesia is yet to be successfully addressed, but in the meantime is worsening and new symptoms (constant humming, muttering, loud tapping and real annoyance with pc) appeared, whilst a large weight loss has occurred. Could there be a correlation to the effectiveness of medication with a 25% + weight loss?
I wonder because I know that some medication levels are assigned according to body weight/size/ age.

Hi Aileen,

Meds absolutely can and should be dependent on weight to some degree.
It seems whomever was prescribing is, how shall I say this without being rude, oh ok, I will be, totally ignorant as the the specifics of the medication and the results.
Please go and see someone else.

Thank you. I’m not sure the prescriber was aware of how dramatic the weight loss has been, but have an appointment soonish. In the meantime I have been trying for months, to get my husband to try reducing the sinemet slightly. Stalevo waz prescribed for that reason but was impossible to swallow, so opicapone has just been prescribed to replace entacapone(also unable to swallow) however I just read that it can and does appear to be worsening dyskinesia :pleading_face:
I feel it worth warning folk about the danger of untreated dyskinesia: Unfortunately the weight loss started due to over medication causing dyskinesia, which then necessitated waiting for dental treatment in NHS hospital rather in usual dental practice. 7 months of sore mouth and ill fitting dentures plus increasing dyskinesia caused 3 stone loss, with at least another 2 months to go til new dentures are done.

I’m so sorry Aileen, it really is not easy for you.
Please, please do see a Neuro and not a GP or PD nurse or etc.
This really does call for someone who is fully conversant with the total ramifications of his situation.

Thank you. Luckily we have an appointment with neurologist next month for Botox, otherwise it would be at least August and possibly months longer, before the next Neurology appointment. :crossed_fingers:

I think medication is prescribed on a try and see basis starting at a low dose and increasing as necessary until a benefit has been accomplished.
Weight loss needs to be investigated asap first with the GP , blood tests ect.

Thank you. A colonoscopy was done - all fine, and under the dietician’s advice having two nutritional drinks/day. Dental work on going very slowly. Dyskinesia worsening, hence I thought the meds might need adjusting after 3.5 stone loss. Introduction of Opicapone (to replace the Entacapone he was choking on) seems to have increased the dyskinesia :frowning:, but it’s early days - less than a week- and he is messing up the doses, so will see if it settles down. :crossed_fingers: