Shoulder Pain

Please can someone explain to me why some people, myself included experience the most shocking shoulder pain?
I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s four years ago and thankfully my tremors are limited to my right hand / arm. Yet at night predominantly, I get this dreadful pain in my left shoulder which stops any notion of sleep.
It’s a nervy burning, shooting, drilling hot pain which is really getting me down.
I had a telephone consult with a shoulder specialist who advised I switch to a lactose free diet and try meditation. I could have cried as he was so dismissive.
I take 10mg Amytriptilene at night but nothing seems to help.
Has anyone else experienced this or can give advice?
Grateful thanks
Katie x

Hi @Welshlady

Thank you for your post, I am sure many others will have had similar problems and will share their experiences, in the meantime have a look at the section regarding pain on our website -

I hope this helps

Take care


Sue - Moderation team

At various times I suffer from intense discomfort in and around my left shoulder blade. This is the side on which I shake and tremor. I found that swinging my left arm in a circular motion gave me some relief.

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Found a superb sports injury masseuse, who, himself suffered from Parkinson’s. Six sessions later, pain free. That was about four years ago and problem has not returned. He explained it as a ‘frozen shoulder’, it was extremely painful. Every session, he explained what was causing the pain, muscles etc. Then what he was doing to eradicate the problem over the weeks. Found it fascinating, shame I can’t remember what he said. Anyhow, it worked. No painful shoulder since. Sadly, the guy in question, has since retired.
Wish you luck in finding a reliable, professional, masseuse.

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Hi Katie

I’ve had shoulder pain for the last 8 years but now, at last, can honestly say that I am much improved. My shoulder had frozen and just couldn’t release. I eventually saw an neurophysio who actually assessed me properly and told me that although I had full use of my arm, the shoulder wasn’t sitting properly and that was causing the pain and gave me some exercises to strengthen the support muscles that keep everything in alignment. She thought that the pain I was experiencing had also affected how I held myself and suggested that the best way to check my alignment was to look in the mirror every morning, having drawn a vertical line down the middle and another horizontally across where your shoulders should be aligned. Very revealing - I was definitely tilted. The exercises worked - NO MORE PAIN and much better posture. That was four years ago and I have been doing a class based on PD WARRIOR principles with the same neurophysio and have finally got my natural arm swing back after 8 years! I hope you can find a good neurophysio in your area it sort you out.

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yes, I have left shoulder nerve pain from PD, and have had diagnosed PD for 4 years now. All I can tell you is what works for me to keep it in check, and in my view is also slowing the progression of my PD. I have been taking it for 10 months now at app 600-900/mg per day with no AE. My neurologist is well aware I take it and in what dose, as it is not by prescription, and is currently being researched for its use as a treatment option for PD (although some very promising research has already been published on early this year). If you look back at my posts here, you can find a number of research posts to get you started. Suffice it to say that in addition to its PD application, it has applications to nerve pain through its sodium channel blocker properties, but for me it has to be taken in a sufficient dose to control it.

Many on this board now know what I am going to say, and you may as well - in a word - Ambroxol.

As always, do your own due diligence and very much hope and pray you find some relief!

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Hi Katie i was dianosed in 2010 and often have neck and should pain. I will try all every thing I know to get rid of it Here is just a few thing i do, i will use ibufen gell then put on my neck a warm heated collar this has some kid of wheat in and you heat it up in the micowave, I will also l take paracetamol, also exercise, just do the actions of playing Robin Hood and you are pulling back his bow hold it for a few seconds that just relax and drop your arms down. I was also given Amytriptilene but it did not suit me. ps the exercise with the bow is from my Tai Chi teacher.

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