ShouldI have entered my husbands details instead of my name? It is him that has the Parkinsons.

Should I have registered my husbands details and not mine as he is the one who has the Parkinsons not me. I am his Carer.

Hi @JackieHardy1234 and welcome to the forums.

The forums are here for everyone affected by Parkinson’s so do feel free to browse and post any questions you or your husband have. You and your husband can both set up accounts, or just use the one you have set up, if that’s easier.

We’ve got a dedicated Topic area for Carers, Friends and Family here

If you like you can also introduce yourself to other forum members on our Introductions and Personal Stories pages here

Do also take a look at our Caring for Someone with Parkinson’s area on our website here and you can also get tailored information and support from our Helpline and Local Adviser Service by calling 0808 800 0303 or emailing [email protected]

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As David has said all comers are welcome. Some of us may be more directly affected than others but its impact affects everyone who comes into contact with someone who has Parkinson’s to a greater or lesser degree. Mr Parky (don’t know why but we all seem to refer to Mr) is very inclusive! I hope you both find the forum helpful and of interest.