I wonder if anyone has particular advise for helping with shuffling?. My partner has had PD for around 4 years, we exercise on regular basis, walking, pilates, he goes to the gym doing weight lifting. Recently started class where pysio us pd warrior trained. The shuffling is one of the concerns for him & we wondered if anyone else has discovered ways of helping with this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @pudding52,

I’m sure you’ll receive some helpful comments from members of our community soon. In the meantime, I think your partner is on the right tracks with seeing a physiotherapist - some people with Parkinson’s have found physio to improve symptoms. We have more information on this on our website here -

For more support on how best to support your husband, please feel free to contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303 or email us at [email protected].

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Concentration is the key.
Things we normally do naturally are affected by Parkinsons.
Walking is one such thing.
I can correct my shuffle to almost unnoticeable if I concentrate.
Heel-toe heel-toe.
Unfortunately when my concentration wanes the shuffle returns.

Hi pudding52.

I noticed I was shuffling a while ago. My Physiotherapist gave me a walking stick. Not because I need it to lean on, or use all the time, But it helps to lengthen my stride.

thanks Reah

Hi JohnnyD

Thank you for you helpful advice

Thank you all for your helpful advice:grinning:

Hi pudding52, I also occasionally do the parky shuffle as someone once called it. It happens to me when I’m switching off (meds are wearing off). Have you or your partner told his PD nurse or neurologist as his meds may need a slight tweak? My PD nurse once told me to try and lengthen my stride if I could which works for me.

Take up Nordic Walking. It’s brilliant! Go to nordicwalkinguk for details. It improves your balance and stride length and your confidence. The website can sell you a pair of adjustable length poles and it has excellent videos at no cost to teach you how to do it. Best of all, it exercises %90+ of your skeletal muscles. I do a 4-mile walk at dawn when the dawn chorus is in full volume. There is no traffic noise or pollution and I feel as if I am in another world. Then back home with a good appetite for breakfast and the whole day ahead of me to enjoy POSITIVELY,
I f you an shuffle you can Nordic walk. Look it up! Cheers John

Thanks for the advice. We used to do Nordic awhile ago but it stopped on that one. I was a bit concerned how hubby held poles, I was worried he would trip up but of course can develop a technique I am sure. He goes to a class (where physio trained in pd warrior) uses poles. Will have to have another go as still have the poles. Not sure we would do 4 miles though!, well done!


Hi Nufcash

Just seen nurse & at her suggestion he will try increase tabs but he is very against this, I can understand why. Hes doing lots of work on walking etc exercises too.


Hi JohnnyD

Working on getting him to use stick, doesn’t need it but will help him especially when he finds difficult to stop after walking longish way


Hi Pudding52.

Thats different – finding it difficult to stop! Most find it difficult to get going… I dont use the stick around the house and garden, only if I have to go out. It can get in the way when shopping. Trying to put something in a bag with the hand thats holding the bag, gets confusing. But the stick has a crook shaped handle, and with a bit of luck, will hang on your arm…

Hi JohnnyD

Probably didn’t explain right, its when he has been walking for awhile then when comes to stop he sort of stutters on the spot, its a matter of a technique to try to develop I suppose that works for you. Will get him to try a stick as worried he may fall if doesn’t have me or something to hang onto.


Hi pudding52.

He should definitely use a stick! Falling over is not recommended, and causes a lot more hassle than the stick. It`s so easy to fall over. Please tell him it makes sense.