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Haven’t been diagnosed as of yet August 12th if my 2nd mri is negative for diseases like tumor, stroke, MSA and other illness, I will most likely have my clinical diagnosis of Parkinson’s as she is pretty certain that is what I have when she conducted the tests, just wants to make sure nothing is mimicking it.
My question is
1: who gets nausea, like morning sickness?
2: migraines
3: I seem to be multiplying in skin tags, itchy scalp, face always feels dirty (oily) is this common?
Neurologist said I have Parkinsonisms, and I have the 4 they look for to get clinical diagnosis. Will know for sure August 12th. I know all the common ones, also know everyone is different, just wanting to know of the lesser known traits people have with their Parkinson’s. Hope I have made sense

As you say, everyone is different. Dad hasn’t had any of these issues or the shaky hands etc.

Has had initially falling issues, speech issues (which we can control) less control of bladder/bowel and swallow issues (not helped by having had throat cancer 10 years ago)


I’m not dx but I am currently under a neurologist and Parkinson’s has been discussed.
I have an existing migraine condition that I’ve been on medication for five years for. I also have begun to suffer with nausea akin to morning sickness, although I’ve been diagnosed with IBS recently so it might be related to that.

What really struck a chord with me though is the oily face. I’ve never suffered with oily skin yet over the last year my face has become so oily (alongside some stiffness) that it is sticky to the touch and by the end of the day the oil is literally sliding off me. I’ve actually found this one of the more ‘concerning’ changes simply because this happened to someone I know, who within a few years was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.
I also have an ever increasing amount skin tags but I think they are a fairly common thing to have.

Probably not as helpful as a reply from someone who is already diagnosed but wanted to share.

Best Wishes

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Thankyou for your reply, August 12th I was do with PD, on meds now, things have improved somewhat. This week has been a tough week though, not enough sleep snowball effect, daughter has torn her calf muscle and she was puppy sitting, which I am now trying to juggle looking after puppy for next couple more weeks, look after daughter, granddaughter, work and keeping on top of housework. Have to admit I am a little worse for wear. Yet still push forward. My most annoying symptom as of today is my skin is extremely itchy like I have been attacked by mozzies, with a touch of head lice. Trying to stop myself from scratching.

Sorry to hear it’s been a bad week. I know how hard it is to juggle everything, especially when you’re not feeling 100%.

Ugh to the itchyness. Hope it goes away soon. Fingers crossed that you have better sleep the next few days too.