Sickness issues

I hope Im putting this in the right place, apologies in advance if its not... Ive noticed over the past month or so my OH is getting really bad nausea, often resulting in him actually being sick. I know that PD medication can sometimes have this effect but hes been on the same meds now for over 10 years and we have never had this problem before?

Ive noticed that it happens more when he exerts himself, even just a little bit... he sweats excessively then the coughing starts, followed by retching, sometimes he will be properly sick and sometimes he just goes through the motions and also it happens at night, he will just wake up mid sleep, start coughing and thats it off he goes again straight in the bathroom.

Does anyone know what this could be or is anyone having the same problem? Its really starting to worry me because its becoming more and more frequent. Im making an appointment first thing Monday but I know Im going to stress over it at the weekend so thought Id turn to you guys. He has Baretts Oesophagus aswell if this helps x

Thank you all in advance 

Beth xxx

Hi Beth, I think you are doing the right thing seeing your GP.

When you have Parkinsons it is tempting to blame every symptom on it but other things can go wrong too.

Your GP will be able to arrange tests to see what the problem is if he can't tell immediately.

It may or may not be his Parkinsons but professional help is best.

Good luck!



Hi GG,

Thanks for such a prompt reply :) Yeah I think the Doc is the best port of call...something is definitely not right and I dont think this time it is the Sinemet...oh well back to the GP, tempted to move in and save us both hassle lol

Thanks again

Beth xx


Hi Beth,

Definitely go to your GP, as the Baretts Oesophagus could be the cause of the wretching and coughing and nothing to do with PD. They can then send him for an endoscopy to check his oesophagus. My Dad had the same problem, (no PD though) and they inserted a stent in the oesophagus, to ease swallowing etc. Does it happen when he's eating as well? Best to have it checked out.

Take care.


Hi Twinks,

No it never happens when hes eating...well so far anyway. However we did sit and pull it apart last night and Ive come up with a theory. I think we are dealing with two separate things, I think the night time problem is potentially the Barretts as he's flatter in bed, plus hes a bugger he will sometimes eat late at night which is the worst thing you can do so I think that may account for the for the day, I dont know, Im wondering if something is affecting his temperature? Ive never known him sweat so much! Doesnt need to be doing much, like yesterday he was only putting the shower on the wall and although this is hard for him because of the fine movement needed its not like washing a car or clearing the garden...he was drenched, his breathing was bad and I just wonder if theres something else going on, although Im not going to say anything to him because I dont want to worry him ( yes your thinking the same as me) but thats when these other bouts start. Im not a Dr so that my first port of call and we will go from there.

Its always difficult trying to figure out what's just the PD and what is the arthritis, Barrets, or the common cold! Ive found the trick is to not try and diagnose it yourself, just look at whats different and if it doesnt go away or it doesnt seem right, go to the Dr.


Thanks for your advice though :):)

Best Wishes,

Beth xx