Sicky feeling

I have no idea what just happened i used to be so good on computers now its gone pfffft

Happy New Year to you all.

Anyway what I wanted to ask is, when i stand to say wash, if I don't kind of rock or swivel to keep legs moving I start to feel sick, has anyone else felt this or am I going crazy? 



yes i often get lightheaded and feel a waves of nausea.  i have been prescribed domperidone for when i get these episodes.  Deep breathing also helps

Hi Lee,

I hope all is well.

I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling very well. The good news is, you're not going crazy as nausea is a common side effect to Parkinson’s medication. We have a section on this on our website that may be useful to you. You can find this information here.

Do keep us posted on your health.

Many thanks,

Thanks for the responses its at times like this i realise just how ignorant i am about my own body which served me well up till now!


Hi Lee,

You’re welcome.

Please don’t beat yourself up on this, Parkinson’s has a wide spectrum of symptoms and learning about them all is definitely an ongoing journey.

All the best.


hi lee my neurologist recomends using stem ginger for nausea eg ginger nuts my preferance is ginger beer all the best