Side/Back and Neck Pain

I was diagnosed last autumn and am not yet on medication. For the last two years I have been experiencing two life affecting pains.

(1) A significant sharp stabbing pain just below my right shoulder blade whenever I drive, go for a country walk, do some ironing, prepare food etc. As it affects driving and walking it has taken away two aspects of life that my wife and I enjoy doing.

(2) An extremely painful ache type of pain down the sides and back of my neck when I perform the above activities, lay on the ground or lean back in an armchair.

I have had MRI and CT scans and the orthopaedic specialist just shrugs his shoulders and says that "I can't find anything wrong". I have also tried three physios, two osteopaths, dry needling etc..

A neurologist tells me that it is probably caused by Parkinson's and that medication (eg Levodopa) would do the trick.

Has anyone had pains like this?

I have a similar severe ache in my neck and shoulders. My GP gave me a low dose of Amitriptyline which really helps.

It is an anti depressant, however in a very small dose (10mg) it acts as a muscle relaxant.


I had 10 years of aching shoulders neck and hip (on affected side) and sometimes arm. I put them all down to pinched nerves or similar in the back. Had the physio, acupuncture etc.

They all disappeared with drug treatment. Come to think of it so has the lower back pain too! Hope you have a similar experience, I think you will.
Hello DJ47 , I can often suffer Dystonia Like pain in the areas you mention its severity matches that of gallstones, which is very severe, I find that IBRUFEN is
pretty effective ,I have been a fully paid up member of the PD Discomfort Club for some time now and endured some of its worse symptoms,the pain in my shoulders
feels like the muscles are being torn out and yet if I rest for a few minutes it goes away, such is the mystery of PD it attacks in so many varied ways its hard to pin down, I am on 125mg+2 four times a day of Madopar, they are pretty good.
Regards Fedex:smile:
My husband suffered with very painful neck shoulder since the day I first met him 55 yrs ago . He saw various people and to no avail .. It wasn't until he was diagnose with ParkinsonS and prescribed Sinemet that he had any relief . He hasn't complained of the pain since . Wish it would solve his knee pain lol But that's anOther story .
Thank you all for your helpful and encouraging replies.

As I am not yet on Parkinson's medication, I think that I shall start by discussing Caroline's suggestion with my GP.