Side Effects

Hi all. I was diagnosed in 2003 and started medication in 2005. I started off slowly with Requip gradually building the dosage up then I had Sinamet Plus added and at various times had things changed.

I last saw my consultant in November. Since then I have noticed big changes I get out of breath very easily, am very wobbly and have lost my balance and nearly fallen on many occasions, the consultant did not change mymeds on this occasion.

Since end of December I have had Sciatica I have had maximum dose Nurofen. Sciatica improved dramatically but for the past couple of weeks it comes and goes like when it was at its worse.

Has any fellow PD sufferers got any ideas - any comments would be greatly received Regards Denise
My husband used to get a lot of sciatica but since taking Amitriptyline has not been troubled by it .

Sciatica is very painful and getsbyou down , it can take a long time to go and usually does