Is anyone on the forum involved in the recent study trials using Simvastatin? I have just stumbled across this trial which was recruiting people with PD last September. Would dearly loved to have taken part, but fear I'm too late to participate. The drug is already on the market, so safe to use and proving very effective for people's with Parkinson's in these trials.

Would love to hear from anyone involved.



I would be interested to hear about this and how they have found that a drug for cholesterol has helped PD. Husband has been on this for a number of years so will watch out for this.

I wasn't involved with any trial but I was prescribed this medication early last year to help with the Dyskinesia I suffer with, induced by Levadopa based drugs. I didn't get along with them and stopped taking them after several months. Nearly every night I had vivid dreams and the sweats.