Since I've had Parkinson's.. I have stopped getting cramp

Since I've had Parkinson's.. I have stopped getting cramp.

Odd but true , anybody else notice this.

Andy aka Ojalahey
My chief Parkie problem is cramps!

Aint life wonderful!
Not 100% sure yet whether this is parkinsonism (DATscan to come because I'm in my early 40s before they'll commit to the diagnosis) but cramp and muscle spasm is the major thing with me rather than tremor.

Is it due to the meds that you aren't getting cramp? If so that gives me some hope.
It is one of the symptoms my husband gets , especially under his heel . I now roll a small towel under his knee when in bed . it's also improved since we got a rise and recline bed I lift the knee part
Hi all -I had problems with cramp until 2 weeks ago, a physic's friend told me to get some pure coca nut oil from the heath shop which I did And after rubbing my legs with it for 2 day's the cramp has gone, you can also eat the stuff it's good for poor circulation. I also drink lots of Indian tonic water.

cheers ob 75 odd fell walker :sunglasses:
I also had cramps,but once I was diagnosed and started on Madapor,I very seldom have them now.
I recently bought some coconut oil . I use it in my stir fries . Will try it for husband knees . He has had two knee ops without much

success . In fact just started using Pernaton cream . Was recommended to me . Going to try the coconut oil as well .. Nothing to lose .

Hi all nice to see you again.

I have been using Coconut old about a year now and have very little cramp,It is supposed to helpbig grin the nervous system too, not sure how that works but why not,  A therapist   told me about it ,she said it must be the pure stuff.coolOldboy 75  still walking a  bit --take care  -Nothing will stop the shakes! 

I also get cramp in my feet and legs in bed, so thanks for information


I looked down the list of side effects for my meds and noticed increased libido...........unfortunately I got the cramps instead.

If it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. Still smiling though.

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