Sinemet 125mg 25/100

Still not available Sinemet 125mg. Live in Dorset not been able to get these for about 2-3 months now ,i thought they were meant to be sorted end October but no sign yet.Having too double up on 62.5mg there’s no problem with these,pduk any news

Hello Gus,

Thanks for your question. We recommend giving our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 and they can look into this for you. Thanks

We have the same trouble found an independant pharmacist who got them for us in Hampshire. Best of luck

They’re readily available here in Glasgow. I’ve actually found the generic co-careldopa to be slightly more effective incidentally.

Should be here soon then.The generic disperse different to sinemet that’s why I have sinemet I’m very sensitive tried them yrs ago thanks tho

Sinemet back in stock 125mg :blush: