Sinemet and confusion

Hi all,


I've recently joined the forum. My wife was diagnosed with "Parkinsonism" on October 2013 and has been prescribed Sinemet at the lowest dose. It has significantly improved motor and expression issues but, I belive, is casing a lot of issues around confusion. She is also type 1 diabetic and sometimes has problems telling the difference between her blood sugar levels and the time. She also gets very confused about numbers generally, although this has been exhibited to an extend since she went under a general anaesthetic for a bunion operation in August 2012 - but it has got noticeably worse since she's been on the Sinemet.

The question is - has anyone else seen this sort of confusion and, if so, how was it addressed, please?

I'm now retired, as is my wife, but it is becoming quite a big issue. I try to advise her about times, etc. but, I feel, it is important that she's able to manage the taking of medication herself rather than being reliant on me - not that I intend to go anywhere.......


Any advice much appreciated.


Hello homekey24

This is a really difficult one. I've been diagnosed for 3 years and I do notice increased forgetfulness. I live alone and cope by living through my diary. I function best when I write everything down and keep checking it. It makes me feel a complete zombie/maniac doing it, but it is the only way. I think it also helps to have some kind of domestic routine, I used to laugh at households where 'if its mince its Wednesday' but some sort of reliable structure can be a great support.

good luck to you both with all of it


Hi Mosie,

Thanks for the reply and suggestions! We're trying to establish a routine and achieve a structure as I'm sure that will help. We've tried writing things down - but, unfortunately, she cannot then read what she's written. I've offered to type it out and print - but that does not seem to work either.

Meals, etc. are not a problem as I enjoy cooking and do most of that - and she manages her insulin dependant  diabetes really well, but sometimes gets confused between the blood sugar reading and the time, which I can usually help with.

We have a really good neurologist and I think we'll have to go back to him - but I'm concerned that my wife will see this as a failure on her part - which it, patently, is not but seems to be part of the condition.

Thanks again for taking the trouble to respond - and I hope all goes well for you

Hi Homekey24, I think you will find that the majority of people on this forum have been diagnosed with idiopathic PD.  As your wife has been diagnosed with parkinsonism her reaction to the same drug that is commonly prescribed for idiopathic PD  could be different of course. I have idiopathic PD and find my thoughts and mind sharper when the Sinemet  works. I feel that if I did not take it I would be woolly headed all the time. Going back to your neurologist seems your best bet .I hope you do not have to wait too long for an appointment or maybe a telephone call could give you all the information you need. Ask what your wife can expect from the Sinemet . It is also possible the diagnosis will be more specific over time( when the disease progression could give a clearer pattern of symptoms ).All the best, Kate

Hi Kate,


Thanks very much for the response. This is all new to us and we appreciate any guidance from people who have the experience. We'll see how things progress in the short term and take it from there. We are seeing the neurologist privately but are self funding - so that can't last - but we should be able to get an appointment quicker!


Thanks again