Sinemet and heavy cold

has anyone else found your meds are less effective with heavy cold? only on 50/12.5 twice a day as starting dose, butt i noticed improvements b4 this cold, sigh.

I am new to the forum and started on 50/12.5 twice a day and have been on it for a week.

How long did it take for you to notice any improvement?  I was diagnosed a year ago and have

not since then taken any medication.  Soon after being diagnosed  I caught a bad cold

and it did make my PD worse, but improved afterwards without medication.

Hi GF, I have only been on medication for four weeks, was diagnosed about six weeks ago but have had tremor for seven years.

I noticed the difference within days of taking sinemet, seeing the Parkinson nurse today as I think the medication needs to be increased.  There seems to be a twofold benefit for me on sinemet, the immediate effect of the doors I am on and the long-term benefit of less muscle tension et cetera.

One thing I have learned on this forum is that the medications affect people in very different ways.  Hope this helps.

Hi Boredsurfer

Thank you for your reply.  I am now on three 50/2.5 sinemet per day for 2 weeks before going

back to see the specialist.  My main problems are the tremor and tightness in the head

and shoulders.  I have no problems with walking, although my balance isn't good.

i found big improvement with balance over the last week or so, so hopefully yours will improve.