Sinemet and ?sadness

Hi all

I tend to dip in and out of the forum, dipped out a lot more than in lately mainly due to precious time but having a bit of a dip at the moment so here I am.

I have been on sinemet x3 daily, probably just over 3 months now, along with Mirapexin x3 daily and Azilect x1 a day.

While on the whole I can say I feel better than I did my partner and I have sat today and feel that my feelings of sadness have become more enhanced since starting these meds.

He describes it as I go off into my own world, I retreat, go quiet and sometimes I must admit its just an effort to make converstaion and I dont always realise Im doing it.

Problem is I have had a tremendous amount of stress in my life lately I wont bore you with it but just to say it probably covered most aspects of my life work family and finances.

I try not to blame everything on PD and would probably be feeling the way I am without the Sinemet just wondering if anyone else has felt this way with these meds. I realise that mood, emotions etc can be affected by PD alone but most of the time I am pretty up beat but I just feel myself slipping into this kind of retreat.

Love to hear from anyones experiences
Hi. See my post "NOTICE ME!"
I too am on Sinemet, I wonder if our symptoms are connected?
Hello Merve

Many thanks for your response, I have just looked at your post 'notice me'.

I dont think that the feeling of being invisible to others is my problem but I can understand fully what youre saying it is sad how people do this to anyone but they do

I tend to go silent, just sitting at home, withdraw and while I dont feel helpless or depressed, or so I think, I can be very sad and cry quite easily, but often on my own Im finding it difficult to share these things even with my partner who as strange a thing as this may sound is the one person I feel 'safest' with. Not because I feel at risk of falling or anything like that I just feel safe with him.

Does that make sense
Hi Newdidit,
I am on Selegeline 10 mg , one tablet per day , and some times for no reason i feel totally depressed and then a few hours later i am 'normal' again. I cry very easily , there seems to be no control , i am not sure if its the meds or PD.

Hi again. My wife is absolutely critical to me, not in case I have an accident or anything, nor for the understanding of PD she has acquired. Just for me to know she's nearby and aware of me.

Last night I was awake in the middle of the night for a few hours, and as a result my wife lost some sleep too. She caught up this afternoon with a couple of hours' nap, but while she was asleep I actually felt lonely! What a selfish pig me!

I'm certain she and I must be joined together in some way .
hi newdidit, I don't know if what you are describing are side effects of meds or just part and parcel of the PD. I have been on Mirapex for 10 days, very low dose, and that's all for meds so far. But I have experienced what you are describing for quite some time, off and on. I don't tend to be a social butterfly anyway, but even while at home just the two of us I can get very quiet and reserved. Sometimes finding the right words for conversation just takes so much effort.

after reading a variety of posts on this forum, I'm under the impression that the symptoms of PD and side effects of the meds is a lot like playing Yatzee, you just never know what combination you are going to get!

I hope you get it figured out soon, and find some relief. Music lifts my spirits nearly every time.
Good morning Merrve and Choachlu

Many thanks for your replies, like you both not sure where I would be without my partner. My family and close friends are wonderful and very supportive but I know I dont share the mental health side of things with them so poor Nick gets it all.

I have an appointment with the neurologist middle of March so I will raise it with him.

Not sure yesterday was the best Valentines day ever I never even bought Nick a card I knew what day it was I just never did it my mind is just do full of all sorts of crap and I just cried because I hadnt for whatever reason chosen one for him and that is so unlike me, thats what bought all this to a head really.

Ive got to get a grip really, only a few weeks ago I described myself as the donket from Shrek when he says 'Im a donkey on the edge' because thats how I feel.

A little better today, thanks for your support
newdidit- hi just wanted to say I am on the same medication as u, sinement, and have the same feelings. It drives my husband mental sometimes as he thinks I am not feeling well, not happy etc. But all it is , is that I don't feel sociable ,don't feel like talking. Exactly as u decribed. Am going to see my GP and Parkinson Doc this week.

If I get any answers will let u know as well. If it is because of the medicen.

should'nt be to hard on yourself newdidit, even people without any great troubles are struggling these days. it's such a harsh, unforgiving world and very depressing news everywhere, everyone pointing the finger of blame, all at each others throats. the weather, the cold , it all can't help. then you are saddled with this thing probably at quite a young age. i've heard it said that people who get depressed see the world more truly but i don't know if thats true. the medicines, in particular dopamine, all have mood enhancing effects plus we tend to get front lobel orientated ,thats the pleasure part of the brain where dopamine levels tend to be not so affected. but the levels are hard to keep constant, who knows what's going on in the grey matter? we are talking very fine tolerances between high and low. a thought, maybe something to lift ourselves, a bar of chocolate or some slight dissapointment all add to the equation. if you managed to stay on an "even keel" all the time it would be pretty commendable, though not impossible i grant you. the best thing i find if i get down is go out for a walk or cycle , its hard to be down when breathing fresh air but of course with parkinsons the sheer effort to do this is not allways their.
the sadness for me is with Parkinson's itself as I'm not on any medication yet. I can be driving home from work or out shopping when this feeling of despair comes on suddenly - nothing has triggered it, it just comes over like a dark cloud so I try to avoid conversation with anyone until it passes which could be anything from half an hour to an hour. I hate it as it sometimes comes when I m doing something I love like playing with my 6 year old grandson or spending time with friends and family. The hard thing about having PD is that if you dont have obvious signs (like hand tremor) then its hard to explain to people that the 'sadness' is part of the illness.
I HATE having PD!(apologise for being so aggresive)
Renee x
Hello all, i havent posted for a while but having just read your posts regarding sinemet and sadness,I thought I might share one of my experiences of PD. I have been dx for 9 years and for about 18 months after I was experiencing all the symptoms that you all describe.I had never suffered from depression before and therefore had nothing to compare my symptoms with. Because of this i too blamed the meds, however, i eventually went to see my specialist who explained that depression comes with pd. he persuaded my to try antidepressants and I have never looked back. My mood lifted and life seemd worth taking another shot at. I am still taking the pills but that great awful sadness has gone and hasnt come back.

I hope this might help you all. Take care

Hi Glenchass
my problem is that I'm already on 75mg Amitryptiline (anti-depressants) at night to help me sleep so I guess if I took them during the day it would have the same effect and as I still work full-time and drive, they are not an option for me at the moment. I've been on them for 5 years, long before my dx for PD but on hindsight the sleeplessness was probably an early sign of PD. Cant win, can we?
Good evening all

I know why I like this forum...because everyone knows just what your talking about, so invaluable, when you trundle along and its so hard to explain to someone who doesnt have PD and you feel like your forever blaming everything on the a very BIG THANK YOU for helping me with these feelings.

Delight I would love to hear how you get on I will see my consultant in March so it will be good to compare their responses.

Rubbish I agree that fresh air can be quite simply as it is 'a breath of frsh air' the chocolate bit would have been a favourite if only the chunck of Bournville staright from the fridge hadnt sliced of the complete edge of a molar that previuosly has root canal work on it...thankfully no pain.

Renee you are not at all agrresive

Glenchase thank you for your thoughts I have been wondering if something the same might be the answer I think I need to speak to me PD nurse this week.

Life goes on and so it should as hectic and full on as very busy and stressful, eldest son continues to struggle and get his life together so frustrating a hard worker but relationship problems, 3 children at a very young age and quite frankly Im sick of it and lost my temper with him in front of his kids who are down for the week bless them they never asked for the s*** that they created wish they would just grow up both so self centred, all this upset my younger son, he is 20 but so more mature than his brother, I dropped him off tonight and he was in tears because of their situation and love him not wanting me to be stressed out.

And Ive just signed for a new car and the DVLA inform me that they have delayed sending back my licenec as they have asked my consultant on my ability and safety on driving......excellent I drive as part of my work as a Community OT...and I havent seen him since November and hes never asked me either how would he know

Ok moan over Im off to attempt to construct Thomas the Tank Engine from a large block of chocolate sponge cake for my grandsons 2nd birthday on Thursday my grand daughters who are 10 have evry faith that nanny will succeed, well actually they will be finishing it tomorrow but as a nan I apparently know how to do everything...of course I do...wel I try.

Have the rest of the week off so will keep you informed. Thank you again for all your replies and words of wisdom always appreciated

Until tomorrow and I will report on our progress with Thomas
I really should read my posts before I press the post button apologises for the bad spelling just try to get it down too quickly x
Hi Newdidit

My husband has had PD for 10 years and he has taken Sinemet for the past 4 years. He is often very quiet and seems withdrawn (alone with his thoughts) but he insists he is OK. He does seem to withdraw when we have visitors, even with family, if there are a few people in the room at once, he finds it difficult to keep up with the conversation, but I don't think he is unhappy, well he says he isn't.

Hope you are feeling more perky soon.
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