Sinemet doesn't work

My husband has been on sinemet from diagnosis
We have never noticed any improvement when he takes the tablet
His neurologist now wants him to double his dose
He has increased for a week and is now worse than ever
More “spaced out” and feeling awful.
Has anyone else had this and also has anyone stopped meds.
We really don’t feel this is helping at all well

A few things, sinemet shouldnt be taken the same time as eating a protein meal, it stops it absorbing, take 30 mins before or 60 mins after a meal. Avoid constipation that stops sinemet absorbing. Parkinsons meds have to be taken at regular times every day and you should give it at least 6 weeks for the meds to settle down and see the full effect, but usually things improve in 2 weeks, you need to be consistent with parky meds as it is a drug that goes to the brain and your brain want know if it is coming or going.

He’s always done all of that but to no avail.

Hello KK1 i have been taking sinemet 100/25 for about 18months may be longer 4x a day reduced to 2x a day never touched me by the way i have a left arm tremor saw consultant now i take 8x a day i have improvement i don’t have symptoms like most just resting tremor no aches pains ,just a tremor i have parkinsonism my meds last about 2hrs before i feel a change sometimes 4hrs 6am 10am 2pm 6pm its working speak with your parkinsons nurse give time we are all different take care,cal

Hi there.

Sinemet never Worked for me in the start.

They put me on stalevo and it worked.

Don’t wait around for your 6 or 12 Month appointment to get your meds sorted. Get on the phone and get them to sort you out.

There are other meds , but you need to relax and let them do their job …. Good luck


Thank you
Do you take anything else along with Stavelo and how much do you take Thank you