Sinemet - how soon after first trying Sinemet did you notice any effect?

Hi. My husband is newly diagnosed and has just started on half Sinemet. This is the second day and already he says he notices a difference. He feels looser and the muzzy feeling in his head is better. He describes it as having a neck collar removed.
Can anyone else relate to this? Would the effects be this quick?
Will things get better the longer he is in the meds? I would love to hear others experiences x

Hey Zo3,
I had an immediate reaction to Sinemet. I took it about 8 am and about an hour later I felt like a normal person for the first time in years. It was like hand and shoulder pain just melted away and my tremor just slowed and faded away. I thought it was magic.

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I started on half tablets 3 weeks ago.
I felt an improvement after a couple of days. The tremor is still there but not as bad as previously. General mood has improved.
I will be going to a full tablet in a couple of days so I hope that will reduce the tremor even further.


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We noticed an effect after 24 hours - my husband’s face ‘lifted’ and he said he felt as though he’d got his life back. So I think that immediate effect is normal.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am happy to hear you have all had quick positive effects. This is reassuring to me. X

Thank you for posting this. My husband, 49,just diagnosed today and on sinemet. Was searching for info on this drug and hoping it was not a ‘3 weeks before you can see any results’ thing. Cheers

My husband is close in age as your husband and just diagnosed. We are both amazed with the quick reaction he has had to the meds. My husband feels pretty ‘normal’ again and I noticed a massive improvement within hours.
I hope you are both experiencing a positive effect too x