Sinemet no longer effective

Has anyone else noticed that Sinemet is not working as well?   Having had this rotten disease for over 13 years I am well aware that symptoms get worse, but this seems so sudden.  The last time I had a similar problem was when I was prescribed Glepark pramipexole instead of Mirapexin.

I just wondered whether the recipe has changed - I generally get the MSD brand. 4 hours between hits used to be fine but within 2.5 to hours I am really strugglng.

Anyone else finding the same?

I've had PD 20 odd years or so and Sinemet  is far less effective these days. However, I hope to get some relief when I start my Duodopa treatment in the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery today. Its still the Levodopa/Carbidopa medication but delivered in a Gel form by a pump. It might be worth asking your own Neuro about it?

Sounds worth investigating .  Many thanks for the advice and good luck with your treatment - hope it goes well for you.  Perhaps you could let me know how things are going?