Sinemet Plus & CR pack nuisance?

Hi, hubby takes Sinemet Plus 25/100 and Half Sinemt CR . They work well for him, however the foil packs have become a real problem as they all have sticky labels added to the back causing more problems trying to get into the tablet pocket.

I have contacted Organanon who have taken over MSD as I needed to make them aware of the problems having these sticky labels on the packets cause.

Out of curiosity I was wondering if anyone else has the same problems?

Hi, I have the same issue. I soak the foil bubble packs in water for a few minutes and the sticky strip on the back peels off easily. I did write to MSD who make the tablets and they sent me a huge set of forms to fill in. Nothing came of it, though.

Got a reply from Organon, this is the main bit:

We can confirm that in the manufacture of Sinemet products we supply to the UK, Organon does not apply an additional adhesive label on the blister foil. The contact details for the licenced importing company, which is responsible for the supply of the over-labelled products can be located on the patient information leaflet found inside the carton of the medicine.
If you have concerns or feedback on the adhesive label please contact the supplying import company or speak with your doctor or pharmacist. You can also report the issue of packaging and labelling via the Yellow Card Scheme at Yellow Card | Making medicines and medical devices safer

So basically I need to contact the re packager. I will try to do this but I’m not holding my breath. Thanks for the tip about soaking.

I find it ridiculous that they do this with Parkinsons meds, also the extra cost involved in doing this?

I have the same problem , not just with the over labeling on the Sinemet but with all my meds in bubble packs, i found a simple way of opening them, i just run my thumb nail on the foil to break it , this makes it easy to push the pills out without breaking them.
Hope this helps