Sinemet Plus Issue



Today my husband went to collect his prescription of Sinemet to be told by the chemist that they are no longer making the supply he gets and they will be giving him a new one similar to what he gets......has anyone else been told this?

Yes, except that they don't usually tell you-  you just find round ones instead of oval ones in your prescription bag.   I am assuming this is what you mean.  If it is a change to a different formulation i.e.. sinemet to madopar or vice versa , I would be very surprised to learn that  a  chemist could  do this without reference to your GP.

I can't get sinemet, I'm being told there is a supply problem. They gave me one pack, so I am fine for about 6 wks with what I already have. I have no nurse specialist at the moment and seem to still be in the middle changing neuro and my GP has always said she can'tt do anything for parky without sayso of neuro


so where next

I was taking sinemet plus but had problems in that they frequently broke when i took them from the foil.

I complained and the makers asked me to return broken ones.  I did that I receieved a strange letter which did not answer my question - why are these breaking?

My GP and pharmacist decided to prescribe Co-Clareldopa - I checked and the ingredients are the same as Sineme Plus but this new tablet is round.  Having taken these for a few weeks I am content in that therre has been no change in my condition.  

Mosie could you phone another hospital and ask to speak to the P nurse specialist?  I would also always phone the secretary to the neuro chap and ask for their help between appointments.  Or of course there are the nurses on PUK help line, always so lovely to talk to.

sleep well


the oval ones are getting phased out this was in pd magizines last yr ,its to stop people breaking them in half taken them, as when broken in half they do not break equal,co-caradopa is the generic version of sinemet & yes they are different they deliver the amounts different into the body.hope this helps you can ask gp to just put sinemet on your scripyt ,co-caradopa are cheaper never got on with them myself ! google it if you dont believe me

Hi Gus - thanks for this - when you say ask GP to just put sinemet on script - what do you get - are there round sinemet as well as the oval?  

yes i do get a mix of them now & then,its just oval ones old stock ! if youre having trouble with getting them out of packet as i do have dystonia in left hand you can ask chemist to pop them out.sinemet plus 125mg will go to all round tablets in time. sinemet  62.25 mg remain oval as splitting these are harder & would be no point in splitting as 31mg would not do alot. hope this helps.just ask your gp for sinemet plus if your on 125mg ,i took co -caradopa & they made me dyskenic as delivery of this med are different ! but im not saying there not alright for some people.



i've started on sinemet 12.5/50 3 times a day and 2 weeks later now 6 a day, i have the oval ones currently i have noticed quite a few of them broken peeling the foil back, now i'm on 6 i seem too have developed a stiff neck sore neck and a cracking head ache to go with it, might be co-incedence i spose? that'll pass.

hi all

interesting - have noticed that my neck is stiffer and thought it was due to less exercise and the fact that I have not been doing specific neck exercises. But now I wonder if it could be the remains of affect of sinemet plus?? 

Gus when you mention co-caradopa is that the same as Co-Careldopa?

I'm suffering from increasingly tight ankles - they are not swollen nor puffy - just very tight and sore.

 Hoping to have energy to nordic walk tomorrow.

yeh sorry about my spelling co-careldopa generic version of sinemet ,can google it !