sinemet plus tablets starting shortly

i visited my consultant i am 53 by the way who sais he wants to try me on sinemiet plus tablets
My main concern before starting the tablets are the side effects . . i drive as a courier for a living 8 hours a day and i am concerned at the safely and ability to drive safely as sinemet can cause dizziness blurred vision and cause you to fall a sleep not tto mention all the other side effects …Should i stop driviing if i want try sinemet ? It seems from reading about the medication that there are far to many potential side effects to be sure it would be safe

Hi witts99 i take sinemet i have no side effects i drive for a living most people don’t get side effects from medication its all in your head if the side effects weren’t on the leaflet you wouldn’t think about it these consultants know best take care

Hi @whitts99 and welcome to the forum. First of all, it’s quite normal to be concerned about taking a new drug so you aren’t alone with that. I’m glad to see that @calv1960 has already talked a bit about his own experience with Sinemet Plus and driving.

Everyone is different and not everyone gets the same side effects. It’s a good idea to talk with your doctor or Parkinson’s nurse and let them know what’s worrying you, specifically mentioning your job and how to manage this. You can read more about Sinemet here.If you do experience dizziness or sleepiness when taking it, there’s good information and tips on this page.

I hope you get the support you need, but do feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 0303 and our local advisers can offer more.

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But one thing i would worry about is i would be taking the sinemit 3 times a day and you dont know how every individual will react to the medicine ,and being self employed i cannot suddenly stop work for the day or midway through the day if i am sick or should feel sleepy…The medicine has a warning on the box and states that this medicine may make you feel sleepy .iif this happens do not drive or operate machinery . This is a big worry if and when i start taking the medicine daily . As you say i can talk to my consultant or parkinsons nurse and ask questions before i decide if i want to take the sinemit or try something else

be fine mate ,im 53 been diagnosed a few years ago ,never effects my driving 4 sinemt plus a day ,will drive you insane if you look at the side effects ,