Sinemet Plus Vs Generic Co-Careldopa

Has anyone else had this happen?
I was started on Co-careldopa about a year ago only 12.5/50 to start which was increased to 25/100 about three months after. I take it every 3.5 hours 4 to 5 times per day.
My dispensing GP only supplies generic co-careldopa which worked okay with some off periods when tired or stressed.
My GP couldn’t supply the drug last month so I took the script to a local pharmacy and was supplied with Sinemet Plus.
I have been feeling less off on this drug, in fact I have felt better than I have for a long time, but I put it down to being isolated due to Covid 19 and not being so tired / stressed without work being so hectic.
This month I was supplied the generic co-careldopa and my symptoms are worse and there are considerable off times again.
Has anyone else found sinemet+ better than the generic equivalent?

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Sometime before CoVID-19, I was on co-careldopa and had an unusual experience with one of the generic brands. So, the chemist tried to keep me on a certain brand which became hard to obtain.

He subsequently put me on Sinemt Plus and I to have felt the improvements on them compared to the generic co-careldopa brands.

So, like me, you may just be feeling the difference of the medication. I know when I had an issue with the generic co-careldopa the chemist mentioned it will have been the filler to make the medication that I will have reacted to. I found that not only did it make my body move occasionally, I just felt off, it even upped my resting heart rate and once I’d spoken to the chemist, he suggested that it needed changing.

Once swapped, everything went back to my new normal. The only reason I’d questioned the medication was than early on, I had similar effects early on went I started taking the medication and wrote the brand name down. However I didn’t put two and two together until I’d seen the chemist

Yes. my Co-Careldopa has been swapped for Sinemet Plus
No reason given, and for me no change in the lack of effectiveness.

Strangely, and I appreciate I’m in a minority of about 1 here, I’ve found Sinemet to be slightly less effective than generic cocareldopa. I think it varies from person to person. I’d heard that Sinemet was better than generic, so tried it, but I found that not to be the case.

I think it must be down to individual body chemistry and possibly metabolism.
I am definately better on Sinemet Plus - thanks for your replies.

As my pharmacy have a problem getting Sinemet and Co-careldopa I seem to get one for one month and then the other. I often have to go to the pharmacy 2 or 3 times to get my months supply.

So far I havn’t noticed any difference if I take Sinemet or Co-careldopa.

My husband was diagnosed about 1 year ago and Sinemet was prescribed. As the pharmacy couldn’t always get this easily he went on to generic co-careldopa. He has never been satisfied with this as he suffers quite severe nausea which seems to be related to the medicine. Wondering if anyone has had a similar reaction and if so did you find a suitable alternative medicine? Would be very pleased to hear from you, also if you found any non-prescription ways to counteract the nausea.

I found this interesting because when my husband takes sinmet cr he is worse but on a generic prescription we got from the hospital he was fine, sadly we cannot get the same medication again as nowhere seems too stock it

Co-careldopa disperses un evenly as sinemet disperses evenly it’s a teva brand. I can’t understand why you can’t get the sinemet cr I’ve been taking them for 8yrs 1x250mg at bedtime these are teva just get your gp to write on script teva brand only .