Sinemet plus

My usual oval shaped tablet has been changed to a round one.It is extremely difficult to break in half,and,although the listed ingredience is the same,I feel that they are not working as well as the old style ones.Could this be possible?
see this page for the details

I have not tried the new style yet but as understand it the only difference should be to the appearance and not the effectiveness.

I have always been able to swap from MSD branded Sinemet plus to generic Co-Careldopa without noticing any difference. Some others suggest they experience differences.

My last batch (my first) of 25/100 was the scored oval shape. My latest the new round shape.

I had problems with some of the old ones breaking in half as I energetically popped them out of their blister, so prefer the new ones.

I'm not entirely sure they are meant to be taken as a half dose, hence the new shape as suggested in the link kindly posted by EF.

The formulation is itself unchanged.
Incidentally, I read another thread about the generics being in greater supply than the Sinemet. I don't know as I've only ever been prescribed Sinemet.

It may be a price thing, but from my research (idle hands etc) it would appear Sinemet is one of those drugs that is actually cheaper to the NHS than the generic equivalent.

Read all about it:
This is not good news! I have been reducing my medication to try and manage dykinesia's and take one and a half tablets per dose...I don't want to increase my intake so don't know what I'm going to do if the new tablets don't break in half and as far as I can see they do not come in 50mg sizes...not pleased - this change limits options.
Hi Poorna,

Not all Sinemet tablets will have the new look.
The tablets that will change are:
Sinemet 10mg/100mg
Sinemet Plus 25mg/100mg
Sinemet 25mg/250mg

The tablets that will not change are:
Sinemet 12.5mg/50mg
Sinemet CR 50mg/200mg
Half Sinemet CR 25mg/100mg

So this means Sinemet 50mg is still available. Hope that eases your mind.
Thanks very much - good to know.
I have been taking these new pills and they don't seem to work as well as the old ones. Has anyone else found that?

So I spoke to MSD last week. 01992 467 272.
They said that they had no problems reported.
Hi All
I take 2 x sinemet plus 4 times a day. At the moment I have a mixture of the old and new shape tablets. I am finding that the new shape tablets seem to be far less effective than the oval ones. I am really struggling today on the new tablets. Its like I've had no medication.

It might be an idea to give a ring to the helpline and ask to speak to one of the nurses.

The number is at the top of the page or 0808 800 0303.

Maybe they can help.

I used to take co-careldopa but cannot get it at the moment. So the chemist have given me the new sinemet plus tablets. Teva UK say they have an issue problem with co-careldopa.

Like you I found that the new sinemet did very little to ease problems. Then I managed to find a small supply of Co-careldopa and all was OK again back to normal. That has now run out and I am back on sinemet plus and shaking all over most of the time. It has been very hard for me to type this message on my LT. At the moment I can hardly do anything due to tremors.

The very strange thing is that I have some old type sinemet Plus tablets left over from a previous prescription issued to complete the order number. These tablets seem to work no better on me as the new tablets.(which I suppose should be the case-no difference)

I suppose that I'll have to see my Parkinsons nurse for an answer.
the change in surface to volume ratio can have a big effect in medication. seemingly the change in shape is due to a change in supplier for merk.
Hi Poorna
I have only just read your post on breaking the new Sinemet tablets in half.
All you need is a pillcutter... all chemists sell them for about £3.Very easy to use.
Hope that helps.