Sinemet plus

Hello everyone

I have over the last month found it difficult to obtain Sinemet Plus 25mgs/100mg
(Merck Sharp & Dohme ltd )

I was given ? a generic form last time at my chemist which gave me some strange sideeffects , tablet crumbled and i felt quite unwell loss of balance and not thinking so well ... it was a different packaging and was sourced from italy ? The pharmacist contacted Merck and I managed to obtain some UK tablets not many though ,they said they have a shortage of uk make .. I tried Asda pharmacy as well but they only had a limited amount again, a total of 8 tablets !!
I know over the years of reading the forum blog there has been shortage .. is anyone experiencing this in other parts of the UK at present . I live in Gloucester, its been so frustrating trying to get a small amount of |sinemet as if its been rationed !!! talk about stress , i dont think dr's or pharmacist understand what its like to be dependent on a medication , that if we didnt get we would not be able to get through the day .
sorry about rant feel better for that ! Janie
I live in Kent and take Sinemet Plus.
The GP gives me a prescription before it is due as I have explained to him that it is difficult to get Sinemet.
Last month it took eight days to get the Sinemet from my local pharmacy.
It is frustrating.
Best Wishes,

I don't think that your average local GP realises the differenc that a generic substitute can make to its efficacy.

Years ago, OH, who had been on Requip for a long time was changed, due to financial restrictions by the local health board, to generic Ropinirole; it was not working as well and thankfully our GP accpeted this and specified Requip on all future prescriptions and that it was not to be changed.