Sinemet Plus

My father (82) seems to be having problems with the new Sinemet Plus tablets. He has been prescribed the 25mg/100mg carbidopa/levidopa tablets.

When he switched back in October he took a real nosedive for a couple of weeks, and then appeared to return to normal. We expected that, but we have noticed that he is getting many more "tired spells", and in an average week, he is often unable to function very well for 3 or 4 days out of 7 (lack of mobility and very indistinct speech). After about a month he began for the first time to lose control of his bladder. Loss of bladder control seems generally to coincide with his off-days.

Loss of bladder control was not a problem he had before the tablets changed.

My mother has spoken to the Parkinson's nurse about this several times, but he says only that the manufacturer of the tablets has changed, nothing can be done, and good luck.

She also finds it inconvenient that the new format tablets are not scored, so they cannot be cut in half. That was useful when she wanted to fine-tune my father's dosage.

In desperation, my mother has discovered that some pharmacists are still able to get hold of the older style tablets, although she has been warned that stocks are running out and that there is no guarantee that they will be able to get them for much longer.

Has anyone else been having similar problems?
Sorry Ric, I can't help with the manufacturing problem, but if you buy a pill-cutter for about £2 you can halve any pill easily. All chemists stock them. Good luck!
HI Ric, I take Sinemet plus or cocareldopa, depending on which our local chemist can get. I have had no problems with either. If you need tocut the tablets in half, as GG said you can buy a pill cutter at most chemists.
Hi all,
Here's a link to a recent post from Tim, our helpline manager:

It is worth a read as it does point out some potential problems with splitting tablets and also some solutions to help you avoid doing this.

I hope it helps. If you need more information, you can call our helpline and speak to one of the nurses at 0808 800 0303.

Happy new year!

When the old stock expires just get co-careldopa 25/100 it will work the same as the old Sinemet plus 25/100