Sinemet plus

Hi all I am new to this site .
My husband who 76 was diagnosed three years ago with Parkinsons , EVENTUALLY !!
He was then prescribed Sinemet 110 3x daily with controlled release at bedtime . this has been upped to Sinemet plus .
We haven't really seen any improvement or any difference before or after taking the pills . When I asked if they could try something else or as well as , they put him on Ritigone neuro patches which after a week in stopped because he was switching off and he got very muddled especially his speach . Maybe we didnt give it long enough but we got worried abouit it

He has no quality of life unable to walk only from chair to chair and finds when in company its too much for him .

He has recently had a kneecap replacement which is still causing him trouble and it looks like the other knee is going the same way .. I dont how much is his knee /or is it the Parkinsons

Last week he went to Neuro Physio and they have been very understanding with him they are coming to the house to assess him in the near future .

He is now worried that they will expect him to be able to do more than he is able .

He is due to go to his consultant a week tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone woul;d reccommed us trying the patches again before we go

If only he could have a little of his old life back it would be a blessing thank you for reading this Johnnie
hi johnnie
sorry to hear your problems my oh not been dx yet so don t know anything about medications sure someone on here will, but definately talk all your worries through with ur consultant when u see him next week hope all goes well
An increase from Sinemet 110 to Sinemet Plus is not significant regards the levodopa content,as they both contain 100mg levodopa per tablet. It could make a difference, though ,as Sinemet 110 contains only 10mg of carbidopa per tablet and three times a day would only give 30mg a day,where the recommendation for best effect is at least 70mg a day total, which the Sinemet Plus(25mg carbidopa per tablet) would give your OH. How long since the switch. There is, however, a small, unlucky group of PD patients , who is not so sensitive to levodopa.
The Rotigotine patch might not make a huge impact and could give more side effects than benefit, especially for older people(over 65).
Medication is a matter of trial and error, a slow process, as increase or decrease of any drug has to be done in small doses to finely tune it to the disease symptoms.
This seems mad because basically they are the same drug.It is just the bit that allows it to pass through reasonably effiently to the brain that is different. BUT a friend of ours elderly mother, who had Parkinson's, got no relief from Sinemet but Madopar worked.
We are going back to see his consultant 20th July .. My husband has no strength it's even an effort to think,when he goes upstairs he seems to be breathless but he says not it's just the effort .
I am afraid I am inclined to ask him question which can become too much for , but without knowing how he feels I can't tell the consultant ..

He also has Atrial fibrillation and I wonder if the beta blocker might be slowing him down ,you can't put everything down to Parkinsons . When asleep he breaths through his mouth because his jaw drops open which of cause makes his mouth very dry and he wheezes.

He has had a chest x ray and that is clear..
hi johnnie
I m the same with my husband try to find out whats going on and how he feels but can see he gets annoyed, but like u its me that actually tell nuero whats happening as seem to have to drag things out of him, i don t really know how he s coping at times though he does get very down understandably.
Hello Margo It's alsmost like belonging to a club isn't it . How old is your husband , and how long has he been diagnosed with Parkinsons
I agree with you to Margo it is like dragging everything out and my husband never complains but I know that he is suffering . I think part of the trouble is that it is difficult to read their faces .