Sinemet v generic version


I'm still getting to grips with this whole Parkinson's thing. I've been on Sinemet and Mirapexin since diagnosis in October last year. I have not felt so well in years, BUT and its a big but, my GP decided to change me to a basic generic version and I had no problem with that. However, over the last 2 weeks I've gradually deteriorated and feel almost back to square one. I tried to work out what was happeneing and a nurse friend asked if any of my medcation had changed at all - that was it! The timing all added up. I have an appointment to see my neuro in 2 weeks and my GP has agreed to put me back on Sinemet until I see Neuro, but said they always use generic drugs where possible. Has anyone else has any similar experience like this?

Julie :)
Hi,I was diagnosed @ 2 years ago,am now 72 and am taking 4 sinemet plus(100mg) and 16 mg Requip daily. In October at a routine check with my PD nurse I felt that an increase in meds was required but she did not agree and pointed out thatI was showing improvement in some aspects.After @ two weeks I felt worse and remembered that @ 4 weeks ago I had been given a generic version of Sinemet. I had this changed back and felt that I improved.
I again saw the Neurologist routinely recently and mentioned this but he said that it was all in the mind and the nature of pd is that it "waxes and wanes" to some degree.
I have come round to his viewpoint in that my experience was probably coincidental although others disagree.
Funnily enough,the next repeat prescription of Requip was a generic type and I did not notice any difference.
Very interesting!
Hi Julie,

I also don't respond well to the generic of Sinemet and know other pwp that similar experiences. It is now logged on both my GP and pharmacist's notes.

Best wishes
Thanks for replying! Now I'm back on Sinemet, at least when I go to see neuro I will have an idea if there's been an improvement or not :)