Sinemet Wearing Off After 3 Hours

I started Sinemet after holding off nearly 4 years from diagnosis at 47. I’m on 12.5/50, it’s great for a few hours, really loosens me up and helps me move. But it’s completely worn off after 3 hours, I’m on 3 a day. Is 3 hours normal for this dose?


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Hi, I was diagnosed at 48 and held off for 3 years. Started same dose as you which was helpful for about 12 months, increased to 4 x day until recently when I have changed to Sinemet plus 50/100 x 3 a day (the usual starting dose I understand). This dramatically helps with tremors (for me anyway). Like you, my meds were wearing off a bit quicker. I’m now going 4.5/5 hrs between doses. Hope this helps.

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After experiencing ‘peak-dose syndrome’ from Madopar, developing after about 2.5 years, I have been prescribed Sinemet (same dose of 25/100 three times a day). Early days, but I find Sinemet does not seem to last as long and is more definite in effect (i.e. whether on or off).

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P.S. Anyone had booster Covid jab yet and any effects?

Yes, I had mine a few weeks ago. No negative effects at all . I had Phizer all 3 times


Thank you Rabbit1. That’s good to hear. I’ve got my booster booked for a week’s time.

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had it 10 days ago, only thing I had was a bruised arm - this always happens when I have an injection. So, there is no excuse not to have the jabs and boosters. Despite having 2 jabs, my daughter and son-in-law both had the Virus, they were very, very ill. Dread to think what would have happened had she no had any jabs. Also, I have family in the States - 2 of them were anti-jabs. Shame, one has been in our equivalent of Intensive Care and after 6 months is still on Oxygen. Cannot breath unaided

So come on, lets fight back and get your jabs. Us oldies remember having Mumps and Measels also TB not now though … how did this happen - yes you are right, we had the jabs…

Thank you for your thoughts Eve 1. What you say makes great sense - and I’m sure I’ll be fine with the booster.

Going back to Sinemet, I would say I have the same results from the same dosage as Bracken. Only been taking it for a few days as I developed a shakiness on Madopar (after 2 years trouble free) which lasted for most of the duration of the dose, so this change was suggested.

Early days, but I’m not quite so wobbly and I feel hungrier. I would be interested if anyone understands the difference between carbidopa (Sinemet) and benzeraside (Madopar) - the respective components of these drugs which aid the passage of the levodopa element to the brain.

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I also find I have an appetite with sinemet. I think it’s down to the acid reflux, I get it really bad on Sinemet, I can feel it in my stomach and my back, I think the acid sensation causes the hunger.


There are things that will stop sinemet working efficiently

  1. Constipation try and avoid
  2. Taken on a empty tummy or 30 mins after you finish a meal
  3. Don’t take the same time as a protein meal, protein stops the tablets absorbing
    4 take with loads of water at least a glass sinemet needs to get into the gut, it’s not released into the blood stream.
    If all else fails, you can take a drug called entracapone which helps sinemet last longer, talk to your pd nurse
    Be patient depends on how long you started them, they take a while to settle in