Sinemet- when to take?

When is the best time to take and with what? With meals? If yes, what foods are best? Any experiences, thoughts would be gratefully received!



Hi Molando - whoever prescribed your meds should have told you how many to take and how often, because everyone is different and all at different stages. I should contact the prescriber of the medication and ask them how much what you should be taking and when!

All the best - Sheila


do not take sinemet with high protein foods ie chesse as it takes longer to get in system ie fight it's way through protein. also do not take normal sinemet when going to bed as you will switch on and wont be able to sleep better to take on empty stomach . 

Many thanks Sheffin and Gus for your comments.  My consultant (very good) has given me advice for which I am very appreciative and am following.  I was interested to hear from fellow members of the exclusive 'Parkey Club' about personal experiences!  I have realised that we all vary so much in type/degree of symptoms, stage of condition, tolerance of medication etc etc, that it is a case of finding what suits us individually!  It does help to know that you are out there and that Parkinson's UK is fighting for us!

Onward ever onward!


Hi Molando - it is good to know that there is someone on here to give help out or answer any questions we may be able to help with, not saying that we know everything!

It's good to hear from you and that you are taking 'parky' all in your stride, keep posting. Have a look at the other posts and see what's going on in the forum.

All the best - Sheila 

Hi. After I’ve had my evening meal (containing protein) at about 530pm, it usually takes about 3 hours before I can get my sinement medication to work again. Normally when I take sinemet during the day, it kicks in after about 45 minutes. Has anybody else had this problem is this usual?

Grahamkay Hi from the other side of the planet. I am very much on the same page as you. My doctor has told me she thinks my slow intestinal motility or protein in the meal is the problem. I have kept daily notes so the doctor gets a clear picture.
Sinemet is absorbed in the small intestine. A GI doctor has told me my digestive system is like a rush hour traffic jam. As the day goes on everything backs up. First thing in the morning the stomac empties fastest the road is clear. Enough said on what might be a reason. If I have an evening event on that day I eat much smaller meals early. I have found my sinemet uptake most of the time the evening of that day to be much quicker. Also my off time is shorter in duration.
This PD is a pain. Drink water often during the day, add fiber each meal, take it easy on the cheeses, white bread, and add vegetables and fruit in there.
I hope it helps. Oh I forgot don,t forget a glass of wine or an ale. That is when all I mentioned has not worked. Good day to you. Tom

Thanks Tom for sharing your experiences. Most useful to hear your comments. I agree, if all else fails, beer or wine helps me.

Hello all
Good to read about everyone’s experiences. I continue to experiment with how to gnash the little pills. At the moment I take one Sinemet at 0730, 1330 and 1930 - with meals of not huge quantity but always with a cross section of carbs, protein, veg/fruit. I don’t vary too much. My main ‘problem’ is disrupted sleep patterns but I now take a sleeping pill if it gets too much! (Zopiclone 3.75 or even half of that)
We just have to plough on and enjoy the better bits and somehow stagger through the bad! So many people these days are having problems of some kind behind the scenes, and they just limp along hanging on by the finger nails! We never know the real situation behind the outer facade. Anyway things could be worse! We could be Theresa May after all!! Whether you agree with her or not - what a nightmare!! But let’s not go down that route…!! THAT does send me round the ceiling!!!
Very best wishes to my fellow Parky People!
Molrod (Molando)

Sorry I think I now call myself Moddyrol !! So forget Molrod / Molando - I’ll answer to anything!

It is not easy to schedule multiple medications, I wish PD UK would develop a calculator for taking meds. In my case I take Madopar for PD and Venlofaxine for depression. Madopar should be taken on an empty stomach - at least 30 mins before a meal or more than an hour after a meal. Venlofaxine should be taken with food. To complicate matters I have recently switched to slow release tablets for both of these drugs. Also not all meds advise on scheduling taking them, eg take three times a day isn’t sufficiently detailed. Can anyone help?

Hi Bernie,

Have you had a look at the shop on our website? It has some medication reminder gadgets, perhaps one of them might be useful for you:

I hope this is helpful for you,
Mideration team.

I’ve just started taking siminet and shake worse
Does anyone know if it improves when my dose goes up to 6 a day
On 3 at week and half
6 at 2 weeks