Sinemet- when to take?


When is the best time to take and with what? With meals? If yes, what foods are best? Any experiences, thoughts would be gratefully received!




Hi Molando - whoever prescribed your meds should have told you how many to take and how often, because everyone is different and all at different stages. I should contact the prescriber of the medication and ask them how much what you should be taking and when!

All the best - Sheila



do not take sinemet with high protein foods ie chesse as it takes longer to get in system ie fight it's way through protein. also do not take normal sinemet when going to bed as you will switch on and wont be able to sleep better to take on empty stomach . 


Many thanks Sheffin and Gus for your comments.  My consultant (very good) has given me advice for which I am very appreciative and am following.  I was interested to hear from fellow members of the exclusive 'Parkey Club' about personal experiences!  I have realised that we all vary so much in type/degree of symptoms, stage of condition, tolerance of medication etc etc, that it is a case of finding what suits us individually!  It does help to know that you are out there and that Parkinson's UK is fighting for us!

Onward ever onward!



Hi Molando - it is good to know that there is someone on here to give help out or answer any questions we may be able to help with, not saying that we know everything!

It's good to hear from you and that you are taking 'parky' all in your stride, keep posting. Have a look at the other posts and see what's going on in the forum.

All the best - Sheila