Sinemet working

Hi I'm now on 12mg requip xl and added in sinemet , now on 125mg 8am 62.5 1pm and 125 at 6 ppm .increasing to 125 at  1 pm  next week . It's working well  in afternoon and evening but not in morning. Have been on it for 4 weeks now , anybody any ideas when it will kick in the mornings? 

have you asked your pd nurse about sinemet cr slow release these can giive you a boost & help moving in bed easier also help in morning if taken at 10pm it will last till 9am so this should fill in the off period while waiting for 8am sinemet to kick in.

Pd nurse wanted to wait till mid jan to see response . Am having good days (yesterday) followed by really day when don't think it's worked at all . V frustrating 

hi i started on a low dose sinemet,

then the gp upped the dose, but it was generic sinemet+ and to be frank the generic sinemet+ was rubbish a high dose was less effective than the low dose of the real mc coy. now on madopar which is and has  been even better, but they tried at first too give me generic madopar which i wouldn;t accept.

i am however still groggy in the mornings, i see my pd nurse the 17th.

whats your life style like ,and when you take your meds do you take on empty stomach,try to remember what  you do on good days & bad days,also do you do alot of exercise on bad days as you can use chemicals up in the brain too fast !

sea angler ,try taking meds on a alarm clock in morning say 7am ,then get up at 7.30am-8am ie............

Hi gus

i did a lot of exercise on the good day but  limited today as leg won't work 

I was told take at meal times but have taken on empty stomach and waited half hr before eating . I take tea time tab at 6 . Wondering if should try taking it later

hi kitten , i have dbs also take 4-125mg 2-62.5mg 1-250mg  times 7.30am 125mg 10am 62.5mg 12pm 125mg 2pm 62.5mg 4pm 125mg 8pm 125mg 10pm 250mg cr. but i have very aggressive parkinsons ,i tried to carry on working but was useing all my meds up to quick,have now gave up work16months & feel so much more balanced out ,you said you were ok at night so why the 6pm tablet ,sinemet last for about 4.5 hrs,takes half an hour to get into system starts wearing off on the last half hour ! also i think you may have done to much exercise on your good day.i think the problem is your useing alll your meds up 6pm -...4.5hrs ,nothing in body till again 8am.say that im not a pd nurse do not understand why 12mg requip xl .& not a sinemet cr would it not be best to stick to one med!  also have a word about apomophine pen you jab yourself with this &its meant to give system not so many off !  times,,i have heard about this pen but never tried it so do not know to much but im sure if look through post your findsome info !

It is very difficult to get the right level of meds.  I am now on slow release mirapexin in the morning, then sinemet and entacapone during the day.  I get going more quickly in the mornings, but the evenings and nights can be bad.


Seems like it always has to be a compromise to see what works best.  A case of trial and error I think, but can be awful in teh process

hi oxfordgirls, they two labs ine is 14 starting two suffer a bit back legs & bowels still not ready to go yet tho !

My wife is on sinemet plus but is struggling a bit. She saw our parkinsons nurse in September but she did not change her medication. The consultant we were due to see was 2 months behind on appointments so we have changed consultants to one that was recommended to her.we see this consultant 5 january.This is a wait of nearly ten months !!! Has anyone else waited this long ?

hi my gap betwen consultant appt is 8 mths but see nurse inbetween

im now upto 125  sinemet 3 times aday .feel much better just wish tremor would calm down.  dont think its helped that atall. but at least can now move !

hi Bwhizz i last saw my neurologist in jan last year ive had no back up nurse and my next appointment is march so i can sympaphise with you.can you tell me how you changed your consultant

Hi Sea Angler

Your point about generic Drugs.I am prescribed Sinemet but when I receive my prescription it is in a box named Co-careldopa. Have you heard of it and if so could it be generic. Incidentally  it has worked well for some years but has gone off over the last few months and does not seem to be working at all. Any thoughts

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                                          Don't know how but i missed your post, anyway a couple of people who live near me recommended a neuro to me so i went online and found the hospital and phoned them up. His secretary  said for me to phone our GP and ask for a referral. I don't know if one nuro is any better than another really, but we have gone with the new one and he seems great ,good luck with whatever you decide to do .

                                            All the best


thanks for your reply, i have spoke to my gp and told him i was not happy with my neurologist,when i said their name he replied you and quite a few others.