I have been taking Sinemet 4 times a day since diagnosis. I have just moved to a different area and signed on with a new doctor and they accepted my repeat prescription but when I picked up the prescription it does not say Sinemet but co careldopa 25/100 just checking that this is the same. I expect it’s just a different name but wanted to be sure. Thanks.

Co-Careldopa is widely used as a substitute for Sinemet. I take it myself and have done for some years. I think you will find that from time-to-time your pharmacist will supply different generic brands of the same drug. Presumably depending upon cost and availability. I believe I did read somewhere else on this forum that there is currently a shortage of Sinemet. Good Luck, Gerrard

Thank you that has put my mind at rest, I’m not seeing the doctor for a couple of weeks so thought I would ask here.

Hi @Margs,

Yes, @Gerrard is right, there is currently a shortage on Sinemet at the moment and there’s more information on this on the Parkinson’s UK website here -

If you have any questions or concerns about this, you can always give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303.

I hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Thank you Reah, I don’t have any problems with Sinemet so was reluctant to take anything different. But you have reassured me.

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I take sinemet, co-caradopo disperses different amounts giving me involuntary movement so I stick with sinemet if you find it does not agree with you, talk to your gp and they will put brand name on prescription. I did read that there will be more shortages on 125mg ,62.5mg only to end of this month so you can take two 62.5mg making it 125mg .hope this helps