My husband's had Parkinson's for ten years - this is my first post! It's good to read what everyone's writing, there are a lot of strong people out there.
My husband currently takes Sinemet which gives him bouts of squirming about an hour later. To counter this his neurologist has reduced his dose of Sinemet and he's taking Symmetrel instead. I'll let you know what happens. So far he complains of having no energy and frequently falls asleep during the day, but perhaps this is my conversation.... If anyone has any ideas about how to increase his energy levels, do let me know!
I should be interested to hear if there have been any further developments since taking Sinemet

I have had PD for over 5 years and am currently taking 24 mg Ropinirole S/R and 6 62.5 Sinemet per day with a booster co beneldopa first thing in the morning
I have recently started to have bouts of squirming about half an hour after taking the sinemet and have tried reducing the sinemet to 1 x 6 times a day instead of 2 x3.

This has appeared to help but over the past 3 days things have deteriorated and this has coincided with a new batch of sinemet.

Your comments would be welcome