Hi Simon 2003
Why are you takeing sinemet if you don’t no why. On if thay are controling your condition or better still why did you in the first place I have been on the sinmet for a few years now and iwould no if I missed them but no idea if I was not on them wot would happen but ido no that l. no when and wot happens when I take them and it takes20 mins at most to stop shake you never said how long you have in the parky club for my self it been 2010 have a good Easter and don’t let mr parky win. On wot ever you do

I take 8 25/100 a day but I have problems with them when I have food. They normally take 30 mins to kick in but after food they can take a couple of hours. Does anyone else have this problem?

sorry long time ago ,started taking on advice of my consultant ,i take 4 now as had morning anxiety issues so have one when i wake and im OK when im getting up ,i still dont really feel them taking effect or making my tremor any better or worse ,i did ask why am i being prescribed as tremors were milder when i was diagnosed in 2017/18 ,she said so you have a base level and a bit of a headstart if required as im getting older?

Im still here…not doing too well.
I’m told that I have parkinsons plus. That’s five years àfter my diagnosis. Things are moving too quickly. I am 61 and I feel much older. My legs hardly work and I sit in a chair for most of the day .I have no energy or enthusiasm for anything .I don’t live i exist . Its getting to me after six years

Hi Hubby,
We’re sorry to hear you’re having a rough time of it lately. We’d encourage you to call our helpline, as our advisers may be able to offer relief you wouldn’t have predicted. The number is 0808 800 0303.
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You can take as many as you want as long as there working and your not getting bad side effects dyskinesa i know i say this but when you need more consult with your parkinsons disease movement nurse your gp will tell there’s a limit but your pd nurse and neurologist will sort a plan out.