How many sinemet do people take per day??
I have been told no more than eight but others say that up to twelve is okay
I take five but I’m thinking ahead


I’m prescribed for 6 a day 25/100 but have taken 8 or 9 if needed. Along with 6 - 8mg Requip XL. Been on this amount for quite a while now .


How long please Graham?

I take 3 Sinemet Plus 25/100 and 2 Half Sinemet CR 25/100 each day. I started on just the Sinemet Plus last August but had problems with them wearing off between tablets so take the Half Sinemet CR between the others.

I initially took 4 x 62.5mg/day starting nearly 3 yrs ago. I have now been prescribed up 6tabs/day but manage okay on 5. Whilst a further increase may help my slowness/arm swing I prefer to keep the dose as low as possible to delay any onset of Levodopa Induced Dyskinesia.

Anybody else taking Azilect alongside the sinemet?

I take rasagiline with the sinemet. I think rasagiline is the generic version of azilect?

I take 4 sinemet, 1 azilect and 1 pramipexole a day
I only get nausea from the sinemet.

I take

5 x Sinemet Plus 25/100mg and 12.5/50mg - 4hr intervals (Carbidopa/Levadopa)

First thing in the morning
1 x 0.26mg prolonged release Pramipexole Mylan
1 x 1mg Azilect/Rasagiline

Last tablet at night
1 x 50/200mg prolonged release Sinemet Plus (Carbidopa/Levadopa)

All of these tablets carry a warning over compulsive / impulsive behaviour.

My wife and I both keep track of any I’ll effects

Hi there I
I take 8 a day and I have had parkinson 11years

Spamgela. How is this working for you, and are you expecting to up the dose at any time?

Hi there! I’ve been on Sinemet Plus 25/100 for approx 10yrs now. 4 a day at 7.30am/11am/3pm/7pm plus 4x40m Propranolol. I havn’t changed my dose,and don’t want to! My PD has improved since the early days,but probably due to Mindfulness and a positive attitude. I compare my body to Driving an old car with unexpected faults that needs nursing along! Cheers!

My wife (diagnosed approx 23 years ago whilst in her mid 30’s) currently takes 15 sinemet at approx 2.5 hourly intervals. She also has rasagaline first thing in the morning. She can also take madopar (up to 3 in a day) should the sinemet not take effect. At bedtime she takes a sinemet CR along with the last sinemet plus of the day.
For approx the last four years she has been suffering from paranoia/delusions (the more medication she takes the worse the paranoia/delusions are).

Hi, my wife also takes sinemet cr at bedtime. my understanding of what makes the cr a slow release tablet was the coating on the tablet. If you’re taking half a tablet does this not effect the “slow release” effect due to having broken the tablet in half?

@Balgownie The terminology is confusing, isn’t it! I’m not taking half a tablet - I take a whole tablet of a medication called Half Sinemet CR. I think this is because it contains half the dose of Sinemet CR. You’re right that it’s important with controlled release tablets not to break them.

Thank you. You learn something new every day!

Hi, I have had PD my entire adult life…I had young onset PD…I saw my first neurologist in my early twenties…I am now in my early fifties…I have been taking one a day slow release Pramipexoles for years…it has been amazing at controlling my tremor. I am now trying to get used to taking sinemet, three times a day, aswell.

What is the strength of the pramipexole that you take and what time of the day do you take it?

Hi, I take my pramipexoles in the morning and I am on 3.15mg

ii take 3 x25/100s for my YOPD i guess im lucky i dont feel them working as such although i take at 9.30am 2pm and 7 pm just so ive always got in my system,i havent really learnt to use them to control my tremors yet